Chapter 1357: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 8

Jinling City starred Ni Yang and Mo Xue'er; it was filmed before Mo Xue'er left.

The story told the love between a young Communist agent and the daughter of a Japanese military officer during the Republic of China age. Mo Xue'er played a Japanese socialite, Ishii Haruko. She fell in love with Ni Yang during the war, but the young couple was forced to break up because of the conflict between their countries. Later, Haruko betrayed her country for her lover and saved countless Chinese people. In the end, she was brutally killed during a shooting#

It was a tragedy, but the plot was tense, and the scenes were exciting. During its sad ending, the movie made a lot of its viewers cry# Thanks to its stellar reputation, the box office was really high and rose from a couple of million yuan to a final box office of 2 billion yuan. The movie became the black horse of the new year, and Ni Yang and Mo Xue'er became extremely hot celebrities and were hyped up all over again.

On the other hand, Imperial Star's powerhouse actress, Jian Tong, starred in If You Never Loved Me. She was a likable celebrity who had a great reputation and a huge fanbase. The leading male character was a newbie called Chen Wenlei, who was also from Imperial Star. The movie told the story of a young couple who fell in love during university. On the night before the wedding, the girl died and donated her heart. In the end, to protect the heart of the woman he loved, the man secretly approached the organ recipient. In the end, they fell in love.

Although the plot was filled with twists and turns, it was a happy ending filled with positive energy.

Jian Tong was a professional actress who had stellar skills. She portrayed the organ recipient perfectly and received a lot of praise.

In the end, If You Never Loved Me reached a box office of 1.2 billion yuan. The truth was, 1.2 billion yuan was incredible since not a lot of domestic movies surpassed one billion in their box office. Unfortunately, it was released at the same time as GK's movie, and the winner of this round was obvious.

The box office for Jinling City was 800 million yuan more than that of If You Never Loved Me.

Therefore, the fans of both movies first fought on some film commentary website; then, the battle continued on the Weibo pages of the main characters, heating up the conflict. 

The height of conflict happened one night when Jian Tong's fan uploaded a screenshot on Weibo. The photo showed a ticket for Jinling City, but apparently, she wanted to buy the tickets to If You Never Loved Me.

What did that mean? It meant that Jinling City stole the box office of If You Never Loved Me#

Fans immediately began cursing GK for their despicable measures of stealing another movie's box office.

They even brought GK's President Qin Chu into their Weibo battles.

This incident attracted the attention of many media outlets, and they all began reporting it.

People even cursed under Huo Mian's Weibo.

"Your husband is shameless. He couldn't defeat Imperial Star, so he stole their box office. How despicable!"

"Dr. Huo, did you ask your husband what happened? What's going on? I don't believe that he would steal another movie's box office."

"Jinling City is a good movie, isn't it normal for box offices to be high? If You Never Loved Me isn't as good, why is everyone being so jealous?"

"Mian, I trust that you and your husband will never do something like this. You should ask President Qin to provide an explanation."

"Dr. Huo# did you watch Jinling City? I heard Ni Yang is your little brother, is that true? His acting skills are amazing."

Huo Mian scrolled through Weibo after lunch at South Side and almost went crazy.

She had received countless comments and was tagged countless times; her Weibo literally went crazy.

What happened?

After reading through the comments, Huo Mian realized that GK and Imperial Star's box offices was the source of this conflict.