Chapter 1356: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 7

Huo Siqian didn't answer; rather, he continued writing his calligraphy. When he finished writing and threw his calligraphy brush aside, Mo Xue'er walked up to his right side and looked at what he wrote 每'Life and death depend on fate, wealth and honor depend on destiny.

"Haha# what a setup, you're talking about life and death already? Are you really going to fight Qin Chu to the death? Is it worth it?"

Mo Xue'er chuckled.

Huo Siqian tilted his head and looked at her with a grim expression on his face. "You know I don't like smart women."

"But Huo Mian's smarter than me," Mo Xue'er rebutted.

"Nope, it's not the same. Her intelligence is real, but yours is all in your head#" Huo Siqian turned around in disdain and went back to looking at his calligraphy piece.

Mo Xue'er was angry, but she didn't have the guts to say anything else.

In Huo Siqian's eyes, no one was as good as Huo Mian, no matter how outstanding she was.

She thought that after she began sleeping with Jiang Ye, she would forget about Huo Siqian. However, for some reason, she missed him like crazy. Therefore, she threw aside her pride and came looking for him, doing everything for him without him having to ask.

She breached the contract, jumped over to the Huo Corporation, and even poached a bunch of GK artists. Those in the industry called her a traitor who sold her master for the sake of glory.

After Qin Chu openly talked about the incident, GK seemed magnanimous while she appeared to be more despicable than ever.

That night, she lost 800,000 fans on Weibo# nothing like that had ever happened before.

Many of her fans even began to hate on her and curse at her. However, she didn't respond because she did everything for Huo Siqian. 

But Mo Xiue'er knew Huo Siqian didn't love her. He never did.

He didn't even love her body; when they were in bed together, he treated her like a blow-up doll, venting out his lust before leaving heartlessly#

She used to think she was the most pathetic woman alive, but later she slowly realized that Song Yishi and Wang Shasha were even more pathetic than she was.

At least she wasn't scared of Huo Siqian. But, they were.

Anyways# in Huo Siqian's world, all women were pathetic; Huo Mian was the only woman he would ever treasure and treat like a queen.

Mo Xue'er hated Huo Mian; she didn't know why a woman like her existed in this world.

She was loved by three outstanding men 每 Qin Chu, Su Yu, and Huo Siqian were all on the top of the food chain.

They were all on the top of their games# why did God favor Huo Mian so much?

She wasn't that pretty nor special, but why? All she had was a heart that was capable of bewitching men.

Mo Xue'er didn't have the guts to say anything else in front of Huo Siqian. After learning her lesson last time, Mo Xue'er decided to never tempt his bottom line again.

Now, all she wanted was to be quietly by his side.

Moreover, she wanted to know if Huo Siqian was capable of defeating an emperor like Qin Chu.

Two days later, Jinling City, a movie produced by GK Film and Television and If You Never Loved Me, a movie produced by Imperial Star were both released.

This wasn't GK and Imperial Star's decision; it was the movie theaters attempt to promote box office. Releasing the two movies at the same time would intensify conflict and drive engagement#

The movies were extremely popular and widely disputed. Fans even fought amongst each other on some film review website.

"Woah, did you guys see Jinling City? It was super good, I cried my eyes out."

"It was garbage# using Anti-Japanese Aggression material is basically making money out of the country's sad history# The eight years of the Second Sino-Japanese War will forever be a prick in the hearts of Chinese people# GK's president sold out his own country to make money!"

"I liked If You Never Loved Me more. Jian Tong's acting is amazing, I'm officially her fan now."

"You people are all idiots# if you don't understand what's going on, just shut up. Romance during a war is heartbreaking. Jinling City perfectly depicted the love of individuals and the love a person has for their country. Jinling is today's Nanjing, and although it's a period of history that no one wants to remember, we also saw the older generation sacrifice themselves for the country. If back then, they didn't give everything to this country, do you really think we would live in the harmonious society we live in today? We would've become a colony of Japan a long time ago. I think this movie is telling is to never forget our country's humiliating history."

"Are you a water army? How much is President Qin paying you? Five cents for a comment? Why are you supporting him so much, f*ck#"