Chapter 1354: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 5

"Dad# I'm sorry# I'll do better." Huo Mian felt guilty; although she knew not being able to get pregnant wasn't her fault, she still felt somewhat responsible# After all, she hadn't contributed much to Qin Chu's family after marrying him.

Qin Chu had treated her great, giving her all she could eat, drink, and use. He never let her suffer any injustice.

"Don't say that, we're not stupid# We know it's not your fault# These things take time. We just hope we can take care of our grandson or granddaughter when we're still healthy enough," Qin Chu's father comforted Huo Mian#

After dinner, the couple headed home at 8 PM.

Along the way, Qin Chu tilted his head and looked at Huo Mian. "Don't think too much about what my dad said. He talks like that whenever he drinks."

"No, it's okay, I understand his intentions."

"Right, you told Dad that you're going to do better, so once we get home#"

"Shut up# you suck!" Huo Mian knew Mr. Qin was about to go dirty again, so she immediately punched him.

"What I meant was, we need to go home and read up on how to be good parents to a newborn."

Huo Mian was immediately speechless.

"So# why did you get all excited and hit me?" Qin Chu laughed.

"How can you have the heart to joke with me? Take a look at what's happening at your company."

"Those are small problems# they're not worth mentioning." Qin Chu had been dealing with his company's PR crisis all day, but he never once got a headache.

There was another reason Qin Chu didn't listen to his father and give up on GK Film and Television 每 he established that company to compete with Su Yu. If he sold it just like that, wasn't it equivalent to giving up?

He would never# admit defeat to anyone, whether it was Su Yu or Huo Siqian.

He had to win, no matter what, because only by making himself stronger could he better protect his wife.

He knew how outstanding Mian was and was aware of how popular she was.

He couldn't tell her everything, but he had to secretly fight off anyone or anything that might threaten their relationship.

That was the pressure he had to endure as a man#

Qin Chu once joked that the women who liked him were just passersby and easy to deal with. However, the men who liked Huo Mian were super fans who were hard to fight off.

Although he was joking, it was also the truth#

At the next morning, GK released a statement saying that GK Film and Television will not be affected by the artists who left and will operate as usual.

At the same time, GK's legal team began suing the artists who breached their contracts.

On the same day, GK invested 80 million yuan to hold an audition called, 'The Star of GK'.

Apparently, the winner of the audition would receive a platinum contract with GK and star in a TV show with Ni Yang. GK will be producing an idol drama, just for them#

As soon as news broke out, newspaper outlets began reporting and sharing this information. No one paid attention to the fact that the Huo Corporation poached Mo Xue'er and the other artists from GK.

That day, Qin Chu attended GK Corporation's press conference, ready to be interviewed by the media outlets.

"President Qin# more than 200,000 people have signed up for the 'Star of GK' auditions, did you anticipate this level of success in popularity?"

"I did."

As expected, Mr. Qin continued to be arrogant as usual# making the reporter feel a little awkward.

"President Qin# is GK going to blacklist the artists who walked out and betrayed the company?"