Chapter 1353: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 4

His interest in Huo Mian sprung that night at the KTV, before he even knew who she was.

However, his interest in her was different from Su Yu and the others. Su Yu liked her from the bottom of his heart, while all Jiang Ye wanted was to dominate her.

He witnessed Huo Mian's arrogance more than once and was therefore extremely curious as to how this cold and prideful woman would behave while he was on top of her.

It was purely a desire to conquer.

To Jiang Ye, sleeping with Huo Mian was his biggest wish.

He wouldn't be so naive as to ask Huo Mian to divorce Qin Chu and be with him instead. He was quite a bit older than her and didn't want a serious relationship.

After he spoke, Huo Mian smiled.

Seeing her smile made him assume that she would agree to his terms, and his mood instantaneously became better.

"Do you think you're writing a song? Only once?"

Jiang Ye: "..."

"Did you think a crisis as small as this one would pose a threat to my husband? Coming all the way over just to threaten me? You're so childish, have you hit puberty yet?"

Jiang Ye: "..."

"You want me to sleep with you? If I light your behind on fire, are you gonna fly up into the sky? Do you think you're a rocket?"

Jiang Ye: "..."

"I'll forgive you for how brainless and retarded you are, and I don't plan to sink down to your level. I'm gonna give you one suggestion though# never stop taking medication."

After speaking, Huo Mian turned to leave...

Jiang Ye wasted her precious time by making her listen to his farts...

Did he really think that she was so innocent and righteous as to cry, beg, and sacrifice herself?

She wasn't that idiotic, she always weighed the pros and cons of any situation.

It had been a long time since she cursed someone like this, and it relieved Huo Mian. She felt her pent up anger disappear.

Jiang Ye laughed after taking a verbal beating...

He finally saw how unique this woman was even when she cursed others. No wonder Su Yu liked her as if he was under a spell.

"Interesting# she's a very interesting woman." Standing on the rooftop, Jiang Ye smiled to himself.

When he got off work, Qin Chu went to pick up Huo Mian.

The two drove back to the Qin Manor. Huo Mian didn't dig deep into what was happening at the company, as she knew that Qin Chu would take care of it.

- The Qin Manor -

Qin Chu's parents were overjoyed to see their son and daughter-in-law return.

Mrs. Qin offered a cup of rose green tea to Huo Mian.

"It must be cold outside, have some tea."

"Thanks, Mom."

Then, Huo Mian sat down beside Mrs. Qin and made casual conversation with her, while Qin Chu seemed to be discussing something serious with his father...

"Chu, I know what's going on at the company."

"Dad, it's nothing. Don't worry, I can handle it."

"I know you're capable, I just think that you're too tired. I think we should sell GK Entertainment and focus on real estate and jewelry, we don't need the money."

The older generation was conservative, Qin Chu's dad always thought that opening an entertainment company was unorthodox, so he wanted to take this opportunity and ask his son to give it up.

"Dad, I understand what you mean. It's not what you think it is, the entertainment industry brings in a considerable amount of profit, and we can expand in many fields other than investing in movies and TV shows. We can make a lot of stars that represent our company, bringing in sponsorships and the like# I'm interested in the field anyways."

Seeing Qin Chu insist made his father stop trying to convince him.

At dinner time, the maids made delicious food.

The four sat around the table and ate, and during dinner, Mrs. Qin kept on giving Huo Mian food.

"Mian, you should eat more. You're preparing for pregnancy, you need a lot more nutrients."

"Thanks, Mom, let me." Huo Mian was a little flustered and lowered her head in embarrassment.

"I hope you guys can have kids of your own soon, your mom and I aren't young anymore. We don't know if we will have the chance to see our grandchildren grow up. Haha, I even dreamed of it." Qin Chu's dad had a bit too much to drink and shared his secret...

"Dad#" Qin Chu immediately reminded him, not wanting him to say too much and create a burden on Huo Mian.