Chapter 1351: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 2

"In the future when I'm no longer a star and lose my halo, will you still be by my side?"

Ni Yang's question was very serious. When he asked this, he didn't dare look Chen Jie in the eyes, because he didn't know what she would say...

Chen Jie chuckled...

"What are you laughing about?" Ni Yang was confused by her laugh.

"I laughed because you're too smart# I didn't even agree to date you yet, and you're asking about the future already? Are you trying to trick me into a relationship?"

Ni Yang lightly coughed upon hearing this, feeling a little embarrassed...

It looked like his sister was right, her assistant was too intelligent.

The plan did not work out...

Noticing Ni Yang's silence, she looked out into the distance and continued saying, "I'm a stubborn person, if I love someone, I'll continue loving them for the rest of my life. So# whether you're a star or an average person, I'll be by your side for as long as you want me to be."

Ni Yang's eyes filled with extreme joy after hearing that...

Unable to hold back, he held Chen Jie's hands...


"You should go, it's not safe for you to be here. There's a lot of people here at the hospital, it would be bad if someone got a picture of us. The company is facing a crisis, we can't increase the burden on Chief Huo's shoulders#"

Perhaps she was embarrassed, but she turned around and ran away after speaking# But, Ni Yang was still overjoyed, having won the heart of this kind girl!

- Imperial Star Headquarters -

"President Su, did you see the news?"


"Should we do something?" the vice president of Imperial Star hesitantly asked.

"What do you think we should do?"

"I mean, should we keep a close eye on our own entertainers? Maybe the Huo Corporation will target us soon."

"It won't, Huo Siqian's target is Qin Chu."

Su Yu was very sure that Huo Siqian's nemesis was Qin Chu, not him.

If Su Yu stepped in, Huo Siqian wouldn't be able to keep the situation under control...

The only thing Imperial Star needed to do was to stay quiet and observe the situation.

Su Yu was clearly standing in the middle ground; he didn't want to be a part of the fight between Huo Siqian and Qin Chu.

However, if somebody tried to harm Huo Mian, he wouldn't let them off easily...

Somebody once said that Huo Mian was Qin Chu's bottom line.

However, nobody knew that Su Yu's bottom line was Huo Mian too...

Feeling conflicted, Huo Mian paced back and forth her office before deciding to call Mr. Qin.

So, she initiated a video call...

Qin Chu picked up immediately...

"Hey there, Mr. Qin# How's it going?"

"Not bad." Qin Chu smiled.

"I saw the news, are you okay?"

"I'm great, Honey. Thanks for worrying about me," Qin Chu joked.

"I guess you're fine if you're still in the mood to crack jokes#"

"Have you eaten yet?"

"I have# Don't worry about me, focus on the company," Huo Mian lied, as she didn't want Qin Chu to worry.

"Mhm, I'll pick you up after work. We'll go back to my parents' place, they miss us quite a lot."

"Okay, I'll be waiting." Huo Mian smiled.

After hanging up, Qin Chu turned around as his eyes frosted over...

"Let's continue with the meeting." He sat down with the thick binder of documents and continued working.

After the sweet conversation with Mr. Qin, Huo Mian was in a much better mood. After all, her husband was a godlike figure; she didn't need to worry because Qin Chu was capable of surviving any crisis.

She was just about to go get food when she saw someone at the door...

"Dr. Huo, we meet again."

Huo Mian didn't speak, as she looked at the man with hostility.