Chapter 1349: Huo Mian’s Wish 10

"The good news is# if they leave, they have to pay double the fine. Our company will still make some money out of it#"

Qin Chu didn't respond.

Yang was nervous; he was afraid that the president would get mad.

But Qin Chu didn't; he would never vent his anger out on his employees because of an unexpected crisis.

"Notify the executives at GK Film and Television that there's a meeting in five minutes."

"Yes, Sir."

Five minutes later, Qin Chu sat in the middle of the conference room table, silently looking at the 12 executives of GK Film and Television.

"Do any of you have any ideas?" Qin Chu looked around and slowly asked.

"President Qin# I think PR needs to release a statement first and take advantage of public opinion#"

"What kind of statement?" Qin Chu asked.

"Defame the artists who left# we can say they betrayed us and left for the Huo Corporation's money. As long as we take the offensive# we'll win public opinion. Then, we can buy an internet water army to spread the news, and the public will oppose what they did# The artists who left need to know that they have to pay for betraying us."

This executive's suggestion was worth considering, but it violated ethics#

They would be maliciously defaming those artists, something Qin Chu didn't want to do.

"I don't want to do that# The artists broke their contract and left, but in the past year, they still made quite a lot of money for the company. They still have to survive in this industry, I don't want to be so ruthless."

Qin Chu didn't want to involve innocent people in his competition with Huo Siqian.

Mo Xue'er loved Huo Siqian, so it was natural for her to leave. The others who were persuaded by her were merely victims. Therefore, a big company like theirs didn't have to defame them as revenge. They shouldn't stoop down to that level.

"Any other suggestions?" Qin Chu continued asking.

"President Qin# we are in need of artists, can we think of a way to poach some?"

"That's not something that we can do in the short term, we need to take it one step at a time."

"You're right#" The executive scratched his head and fell silent.

"President Qin# why don't we send out attorney's letters first. They've breached the contract, so legal proceedings are inevitable#"

"Yeah, that's a good idea, go ahead and send them out." Qin Chu nodded.

They were in the meeting for over an hour. When it ended, Qin Chu was in a bad mood#

For an entertainment company, large amounts of artists leaving was a deadly strike.

Moreover, netizens will begin guessing around and making up scandals about GK.

Although GK was a big company and didn't need their entertainment company to make money, they still needed to save their dignity.

Originally, Qin Chu established GK Film and Television to compete against Su Yu.

Did Huo Siqian steal his artists as a declaration of war against him?

Qin Chu went back to his office and began busying around. He still had an important interview in the afternoon.

Huo Mian was the last to know what happened. That morning, she was at the orthopedics department for four hours, assisting with a difficult surgery. Therefore, her phone was off the entire time#

Even if she were just an assisting physician, she still held herself accountable to the patient.

By the time Huo Mian left the OR, it was already half past noon.

Hungry, she changed out of her scrubs and headed towards the cafeteria#

On her way there, she suddenly remembered that her phone was still off; when she turned it back on, her WeChat exploded with messages#

She even received countless missed calls from numbers she didn't recognize.