Chapter 1348: Huo Mian’s Wish 9

"If that's really the case, do you think my father-in-law would've given my company that piece of land?"

In the end, Huo Siqian added, "My wife and I love each other very much, thank you for asking about that."

In front of the television, Song Yishi was so angry that she felt like smashing her TV#

This man sure could lie; they weren't in love at all! They were basically enemies.

If murdering people wasn't against the law, they would've stabbed each other countless times already!

"Sis# do you think Huo Siqian is venturing into the entertainment industry to hit on women? He's such a scumbag#" Song Yixuan guessed.

"Impossible# he's opening an entertainment company to challenge Su Yu and Qin Chu#" Song Yishi was well aware of what was happening.

Right now, C City only had two entertainment companies 每 Imperial Star and GK Film and Television. Huo Siqian's entrance into the industry wasn't for money or profit# he wanted to declare war against them.

"Isn't he looking to die? He's nothing compared to Qin Chu and Su Yu#"

"Don't underestimate Huo Siqian, he's like a venomous snake# and is willing to do anything#" Song Yishi didn't think Huo Siqian would lose.

Instead, she began worrying about Qin Chu#

At this thought, Song Yishi picked up her bag and got up from the couch. "Xuan, you should go home, I need to be somewhere."

Song Yishi hadn't visited GK in a while; when she appeared outside the president's office, Assistant Yang felt more awkward than ever#

"Um# Miss Song, the president isn't here, you should go." Yang didn't like Song Yishi; he also knew that the president didn't like her either, so he tried to get her to leave.

"I don't believe you# President Qin must be in there, I need to talk to him."

"Miss Song# please don't complicate things for me#"

Just as Yang was about to persuade Song Yishi, Qin Chu came out from the conference room after his meeting and bumped right into her.

"Qin Chu#" Song Yishi was excited to see Qin Chu.

"Did you need me for something?" Qin Chu was still as indifferent as ever.

"Yes, I really need to talk to you, just give me five minutes."

"No thanks# you should leave."

Qin Chu was unwilling to give Song Yishi even five minutes. To him, there was no point in wasting valuable time with unnecessary people.

Upon seeing Qin Chu ignore her, Song Yishi didn't let up and shouted from behind, "Qin Chu, Huo Siqian is declaring war against you. You need to be careful, he's dangerous#"

"Thank you for the reminder," Qin Chu replied without even turning around. Then, he walked into his office, closing the door right in Song Yishi's face.

Yang felt awkward, but Song Yishi didn't#

She thick-facedly ordered Yang, "You too, remind President Qin that Huo Siqian's not that easy to deal with. If he needs help, he can come to find me anytime. I'm always on his side."

Yang quietly replied, "Then, can you ask your dad to give that piece of land back to GK?"

Song Yishi replied, "That piece of land isn't as simple as you think, that asshole threatened my dad to give it to him# it wasn't his decision."

"You should go home, Miss Song. It's pretty cold here, you don't want to get sick." Yang was too lazy to talk to Song Yishi.

Furious, she turned around and left#

Right before noon, Yang ran into the president's office, "Sir, I have good news and bad news, which one would you like to hear first?"

"Bad news."

"The bad news is# Mo Xue'er hopped to the Huo Corporation and left with a lot of newly-signed celebrities at the company# Annie Liang's gone too# Ni Yang's the only pillar we have left."

"What about the good news?" Qin Chu asked, calmer than ever.