Chapter 1347: Huo Mian’s Wish 8

Upon seeing that Qin Chu was back, Huo Mian quickly put on her slippers and ran up to him. "Honey, I just saw the news#"

"Yeah, I knew about it." Qin Chu lovingly rubbed Huo Mian's head; no matter how crappy his mood was, he was filled with happiness as soon as he saw Huo Mian.

Nothing could affect him anymore#

"You already knew? How did you#?" Huo Mian thought GK was bound to get that piece of land.

However, to her surprise, Huo Siqian ended up benefitting from the situation.

"It's normal, Huo Siqian is Uncle Song's son-in-law, so it's natural for them to take care of each other."

"But he promised you the land# How could he do that? The mayor can't go back on his words." Huo Mian was unhappy.

"It's okay# that's Uncle Song's decision, and I respect him# It's just a piece of land, GK doesn't care." Qin Chu was more accepting of what happened, so he consoled Huo Mian.

"But Honey# that's not how business is done, I think#" Before Huo Mian could finish her sentence, however, Qin Chu interrupted her, "Honey, is there food? I'm starving#"

"There is, I'll go make you dinner right now." Huo Mian immediately ran into the kitchen.

"Young Madam, you should go rest, we'll make dinner." The chefs in the kitchen were really nice.

"No, it's okay, go rest, I'll do it."

Huo Mian didn't want her husband to be in a bad mood, so she decided to make Qin Chu four dishes and a soup.

When they lived at Imperial Park, she often made him food. Later, they moved to South Hill Manor, where there were housekeepers, maids, drivers, gardeners, and security#

There were so many staffs around the house that Huo Mian never got to show off her cooking skills again.

Therefore, Huo Mian seized this opportunity and rose to the occasion.

She made stir-fry broccoli, sweet and sour pork, green pepper stir-fry, braised ribs with yam, and borscht soup.

Upon seeing all the dishes Huo Mian made, Qin Chu had a great appetite and ate two whole bowls of rice.

After dinner, the couple went upstairs to shower#

After Huo Mian changed into her pajamas, she curled up in Qin Chu's arms and asked coyishly, "Honey# have you been really stressed lately?"

"Um#" Mr. Qin didn't know how to respond.

"Do you want me to give you a massage?" Huo Mian offered as she massaged his shoulders, but Qin Chu laughed, "No, it's okay# but can you help me do some exercises to warm up?"

Before Huo Mian could respond, Qin Chu pressed his body against hers#

She wondered, wasn't the company in a crisis? How could Mr. Qin still be in the mood? How magnanimous was he#

Qin Chu wasn't surprised that Huo Siqian made this move. In fact, he had been preparing for this.

After Huo Siqian obtained that piece of land, he began building a vacation village. At the same time, he announced that the Huo Corporation was going to venture into the entertainment industry.

The company's recent decisions attracted the attention of the entire city.

One day, Huo Siqian appeared on TV wearing a flashy, orange suit.

"President Huo# is the Huo Corporation planning something big?"

"Didn't you watch the news?" Huo Siqian replied nonchalantly.

"President Huo# I heard that GK was already allotted that piece of land, why was it suddenly given to Huo Corporation? Is there something we don't know about behind this deal?"

"I think you should ask my father-in-law that question#"

"President Huo# are you venturing into the entertainment circle to compete with President Su and President Qin?"

"What are you talking about? I'm a businessman, I shouldn't say no to money, right?" Huo Siqian snickered.

"President Huo# your father died less than a year ago. Is it appropriate for you to wear something so bright?"

"Should I walk around naked to show respect towards my father?" Huo Siqian snapped back, leaving all the media outlets feeling speeches.

"President Huo# I heard you withdrew the Huo Foundation from South Side Recuperation Center, why is that?"

"Does there have to be a reason? I don't want to cooperate with them anymore, that's all."

"President Huo# I heard your relationship with Song Yishi is tense, is there a third person in your relationship?"

The reporters always picked the hardest and most eyeball-grabbing questions to ask#