Chapter 1341: Huo Mian’s Wish 2

Unable to reject Huo Mian and Ni Yang's insistence, Chen Jie took a chair and sat down beside them.

With one leg over the other, Ni Yang sipped on his tea as he and Huo Mian began to chat...

"It's been hard for you during the Spring Festival. Your schedule looks jam-packed, do you want me to ask President Qin to give you some time off?"

"Yes, please! I've been really stressed out lately. I don't want to travel anymore, can I just stay in the city for a couple of days?"

After finishing his sentence, Ni Yang's gaze landed unintentionally on Chen Jie...

This tiny action, however, was captured by Huo Mian's keen eyes, but she didn't say anything.

Chen Jie finished her food very quickly. After a few bites, she got up and said, "Chief, I'll be getting back to work now."

"Aren't you going to drink some water? You're going to choke!" Ni Yang said as he grabbed a bottle of water, twisted its cap off, and handed it to Chen Jie.

She took the water bottle with her head down and quickly ran away...

"Why is Jie acting so strange today?" Huo Mian murmured to herself.

"Uh# she's probably bedazzled by my good looks." Ni Yang smiled narcissistically.

That afternoon, Huo Mian went back to her office to tidy up after her meeting.

Chen Jie came with a few reports in her hands. "Chief, these are the receipts for our department's shipment and purchase orders for the month."

"Leave it here, I'll take a look at it later."


"Jie..." Huo Mian said slowly.


"Do you like Ni Yang?" Huo Mian suddenly asked.

Chen Jie's face immediately turned bright red.

"Chief# I# I wouldn't dare to# How could someone like me# like someone like Ni Yang. He's a famous celebrity and I'm just a girl from the countryside. I wouldn't dare..."

Chen Jie was very nervous, going on and on about how Ni Yang was way out of her league.

"But# I have a feeling that Ni Yang likes you too."

Huo Mian's words made Chen Jie even more anxious...

They stayed in contact ever since she started delivering medicine to Ni Yang. Their initial disregard for one another turned into the occasional bickering.

She knew that, for someone like her, liking a big celebrity was complete nonsense.

Ni Yang would occasionally bring her gifts and send her messages through WeChat, but she would ignore them all, afraid of misreading his gestures.

That was why she always avoided Ni Yang...

She was even more afraid of what would happen if Huo Mian found out. In her mind, Huo Mian would laugh at her, disapprove of her feelings, and maybe even fire her.

"Chief# I won't anymore# I, I, I# please don't fire me. I know he's way out of my league. Someone like Ni Yang would never fall for someone like me. I promise to control myself from now on, I'm sorry."

Chen Jie couldn't stop apologizing to Huo Mian...

Huo Mian was speechless. "Jie, why are you apologizing to me? Liking someone is a good thing."

"No, no, no, I'm not good enough to like Ni Yang. At most, I'm his fan. Really, it's nothing."

Chen Jie lacked confidence, to say the least. Huo Mian had known this about her since the incident with her promotion.

However, she was truly a great girl. She was hardworking, proactive, and thorough.

Chief Li liked her a lot back when she was working under her, and now, she was Huo Mian's prized assistant.

She was similar to Ni Yang in age, and although she was not gorgeous, her big eyes made her incredibly cute.

It was normal for Ni Yang to like her. Chen Jie was a very kind girl, and having low confidence was her only fault...

"Jie, don't be nervous. Listen to me, it's not about you liking Ni Yang right now, it's about him courting you."

"He's courting me?" Chen Jie didn't dare to think about such a thing.

"Why else would he buy food for two people? It's obvious that he intentionally bought some for you. Do you think he would waste all that money for nothing?"

With that, Chen Jie was once again startled.