Chapter 1339: Young Master Su, Are You Interested in a Partnership? 10

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Huo Siqian was irritated, as he had just finished arguing with Song Yishi.

Realizing her faux pas, Wang Shasha shut her mouth immediately.

- At the GK Corporation -

Rick's fiery Ferrari stopped outside the entrance. He got into Qin Chu's personal elevator and reached the top floor.

Qin Chu had just finished his morning meeting. At the sight of Rick, he wasn't surprised at all.

He knew that Rick had something important to tell him so he immediately dismissed the others and told Yang to guard his office door.

Qin Chu's relationship with Rick was similar to his relationship with Gao Ran.

Although they rarely saw one another, their friendship was still alive and well. Rick was just as quiet as Qin Chu, if not quieter and more indifferent.

Many foxy girls tried to hit on the cold, mixed-blood handsome man but in the end, his heart was unexpectedly captured by an innocent university student.

"Qin Chu, I have something important to tell you," Rick said in all seriousness.

"You're getting married?"

"..." Rick couldn't believe that Qin Chu had such a funny side to him, and he tried his best to keep his cool. "No# it's something else."

Qin Chu grabbed a bottle of Lafite from the liquor cabinet and poured two glasses, handing over one to Rick.

"Make yourself at home. Sit down and tell me everything."

With the glass of red wine in his hand, Rick didn't drink nor did he sit.

He couldn't be as calm as Qin Chu when it came to emergencies since he was very serious about everything.

Last time, when Xixi asked him for a bowl of hot pot to go, he drove his Ferrari to the restaurant, entered the shop, and said to the owner in a very serious tone, "A bowl of hot pot to go, with spice and pepper, no cilantro, and lotus leaf powder as the base."

That was how serious Rick always was...

"Huo Siqian's planning something big. You need to be careful."

"I've been expecting him to do something big for a while now." Qin Chu seemed to have seen this coming a long time ago...

"But# he seems to have something on you," Rick added.

"Something on me?" Qin Chu hesitated.

Immediately afterward, Rick took out his phone and showed Qin Chu a short video of Huo Siqian and Su Yu together.

Upon seeing it, Qin Chu remained silent...

Then, he analyzed, "Knowing Huo Siqian's cautious character, he would've picked up on the micro cameras in the room. He also knows about our relationship so it also might be a bluff."

"Yes, but we still cannot eliminate the possibility of him having something on you, so it's better to be careful."

Qin Chu turned around to face the windows and smiled at the sight of the restless city. "What is meant to come will come. All of the seeming detours in life are actually roads we must take."

Rick looked at Qin Chu with praise in his eyes...

Qin Chu was a young man but he already had the charismatic attitude of a supreme emperor.

"Do you have news on Huo Mian's real family?" Rick asked.

"We got a little bit of information. On New Year's Eve, my wife received a mysterious present that's supposedly priceless. I checked the originating address and found that it was from Switzerland. Although we couldn't investigate further there, her family is definitely living in a foreign country."

"I don't think they are ordinary people..." Rick analyzed out loud.

Qin Chu smiled. "Normal people can't afford a 120 million US-dollar white jade calabash."

'Did you just say that the person gave Huo Mian a 120 million dollar present?" Rick was shocked.

"The calabashes came in a pair. My wife only received one of them so I think the other person is either Mian's older or younger sister."

"Why not a brother?" Rick asked.