Chapter 1336: Young Master Su, Are You Interested in a Partnership? 7

Su Yu's words were always half-hearted. Therefore, no one could easily see through him.

Huo Siqian always got a headache when he talked to Su Yu, because the latter never played by the rules and always said weird things#

Huo Siqian rubbed his temple. "Young Master Su# I can't agree to that. When we get GK, I promise to give you half, but Mian# is a person, not an item, I can't split her as I wish# you'll have to listen to her decision. Of course, if she wants to be with you, that's her freedom and I can't do anything about it."

"Aren't you just stating the obvious bullshit?" Su Yu smiled as he cursed back at Huo Siqian.

'If she wants to be with you'? Huo Siqian was sure good at word games.

If Huo Mian wanted to be with Su Yu, she would be with him already. Did he have to wait until today?

That was why Su Yu thought Huo Siqian's promise was complete bullshit# It was pointless.

Su Yu cursed at him with a smile on his face, so Huo Siqian couldn't get mad; the latter began to regret his decision to ask this young master to cooperate.

He could do it himself, it would just take longer# A bad decision sure comes back to bite you in the ass.

"So, Young Master Su, do you want to work together or not? Just tell me#"

Usually, Su Yu was the impatient one but today, Huo Siqian's patience ran out first. He felt like he would go crazy if he kept talking to Su Yu.

The latter took a few puffs of his cigarette before smearing it in the crystal ashtray on the table. Then, he looked at him and replied in all seriousness, "Nope."

Huo Siqian wasn't surprised; he smiled. "Okay then, I won't bother you anymore, Young Master Su."

After patting Su Yu on the shoulder, Huo Siqian stood up, adjusted his jacket collar and turned around to leave.

Yes, Su Yu wanted to defeat Qin Chu, but he wanted to do it through his own powers.

He would never look for a helper because that would be considered cheating.

Moreover, he would never bully Qin Chu with someone like Huo Siqian#

Everyone in his circle knew that Su Yu was hot-tempered; he had the right to be#

The Su Family's powers were significant in C City, and even Jing City.

However, Su Yu was a smart cookie. His brain spun fast and he was good at observing people.

He never liked Huo Siqian. To him, Qin Chu was actually qualified to be his competitor, but Huo Siqian was no more than a petty man who hid in the shadows.

Huo Siqian only cared about results and not the process. This meant he was willing to do anything to achieve his goal.

After all, people were all different#

If Qin Chu and Su Yu were heroes in war, Huo Siqian would be the greedy man with power.

He was like Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms Dynasty 每 filled with cunning tricks, but still lived in eternal glory#

Perhaps Huo Mian didn't know, but the three men in her life were like the Three Kingdoms, each with their own thoughts and plans.

All she wanted to do was living happily ever after with Qin Chu and have a child of their own.

Huo Siqian left Seductive Fox in a foul mood.

Su Yu could've just told him that he wasn't interested; why did he have to play around with him and even curse at him?

What was worse was that Huo Siqian couldn't even get mad#

"Great, Su Yu, haha# once I finish dealing with Qin Chu, I'll get to you# I have a lot of time on my hands," Huo Siqian smiled before getting onto his flashy Rolls-Royce Phantom.

On the top floor of Seductive Fox, Rick leaned on the wall of his office; he was wearing a black trench coat and thinking about the conversation he just heard in Su Yu's private room#

Huo Siqian asked to work with Su Yu, and the latter heartlessly refused?

Rick and Qin Chu had been suspecting Huo Siqian for a while, so they had been keeping a close eye on him. However, they hadn't gotten any useful information.

Why did he want to deal with Qin Chu all of a sudden? Huo Siqian even said he could get Qin Chu to leave Huo Mian on his own will.

What did Huo Siqian have on them?

Rick knew he had to talk to Qin Chu about this tomorrow#