Chapter 133: The All-Mighty Hand

Chapter 133: The All-Mighty Hand
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"What are you still waiting for? Insert the catheter. Hurry up, I will give her a blood transfusion."

"Um, but do you know the patient's blood type?" Huang Yue asked, not knowing what to do. Deep down, she felt vacant, because this operation was just too risky. Not a lot of places would even perform an operation like this, because they may as well kill themselves if something goes wrong.

"I've already checked, she's AB-type blood. I already took out some blood bags from the blood bank," Huo Mian said calmly.

"Mian, tell me something you don't know. How do you know everything?"

Huang Yue was so overwhelmed that she wanted to cry. She had known Mian for a little over half a year now, but during a moment like this, the average-looking Mian turned into someone capable of anything, like Wonder Woman.

"Don't be nervous. It's fine. Just do what you always do, and I will take care of the rest," seeing how anxious Huang Yue was, Huo Mian assured her.

After hearing what she said, Huang Yue put her foot down and bravely decided to assist this surgeon, who had no prior experience in this type of surgery.

Huang Yue followed Huo Mian's instructions and immediately inserted the patient's catheter, all while monitoring her vitals.

Huo Mian completed the blood transfusion, covered the patient's face with an oxygen mask and began the process of homeostasis, one action after the other.

Her lightning-quick speed left Huang Yue speechless...

The pregnant woman lied on the operating table completely naked, slowly losing consciousness.

Huo Mian made the decision to administer general anesthesia on the patient since there was no longer any meaning in using local anesthesia on an unconscious patient. Local anesthesia only worked if the patient was conscious.

However, the risk and side effects of general anesthesia were much higher, and it could potentially have a negative impact on the newborn's brain. So general anesthesia is not typically recommended unless the circumstances were special.

Of course, the situation that Huo Mian and Huang Yue were in was considered one of those special circumstances.

"Yue, give me her stats."

"BP 150 over 90, Heart rate 135. Her pulse is a little weak, could be due to the loss of blood."

"Her blood pressure is a little high. We will have to control that first, and then I will proceed with the C-Section." Huo Mian carefully examined the patient's abdomen with gloves on, checking to see if there had been previous c-section scars.

If this was her first born, she would be able to perform a C-Section right away. However, if this was her second child, then she would need to operate on the same spot as the first surgery to avoid secondary traumatization.

Huo Mian found a light scar on the patient's abdomen, confirming that she had had a C-section before.

This complicates the surgery, because the previous wound had already healed, and the scar was very light.

This surely increased the difficulty of the surgery...

"Mian, what's wrong?"

"This is her second child, I need to operate on the previous wound. Pass me the scalpel." Huo Mian reached out her hand.

Huang Yue shook in fear as she passed Huo Mian the scalpel.

Huo Mian then calmly but accurately cut open the patient's abdomen.

Huang Yue was too nervous to look...

"It's a breech baby, no wonder she's been bleeding so much. Her family's so careless. They should have noticed that the baby was in breech position through an ultrasound. She should have had a C-Section much earlier. Why did they wait until now?" Huo Mian frowned as she blamed the ignorance of the patient's family.

"Breech position? Oh my god, it's dystocia!" Huang Yue exclaimed..

It was already a very complicated surgery to perform, not to mention that there were only two people in the OR, whom were both nurses.

Huo Mian wasn't given the permission by those above to operate, which means she had already violated hospital policy.

But Huo Mian thought, in the eyes of life and death, all rules and regulations were useless because, in the end, lives mattered the most.

She was confident in her medical skills and was positive that she could keep the patient safe. Therefore, she couldn't think too much of the possible troubles that may lay ahead.

She would bravely face what was waiting for her in the future. That was her choice today.

By the time Qin Chu was done with work, it was already late in the night. Without Huo Mian's presence at home, the condo felt extra empty.

He knew that she wasn't allowed to sleep since she was working a night shift, so he sent her a WeChat message.

He waited for a while but got no response. Qin Chu thought perhaps Huo Mian was still upset about what happened during the day.

He then decided to give her a call, but after many rings, no one answered. This further supported his theory that she must be upset.

So, he put on his jacket and drove to the First Hospital. He even bought some take-out and warm bubble tea as he passed by a Dim Sum restaurant.

"Hello, I am looking for Huo Mian from the OB/GYN department," Qin Chu asked politely.

"Oh yes, please wait! I will immediately contact her for you." Very rarely did the receptionist get to see such a handsome man. She answered him enthusiastically as she looked into his eyes, her face blushing.