Chapter 1324: Something Big in New Year 5

Yang Meirong was a little embarrassed. "I couldn't finish it on my own, so I thought I'd give it to your aunt."

"Mom… did you forget how they treated our family back then?" Zhixin asked a little angrily.

"Forget it, Zhixin, Mom gave it to them already, so it's a done deal. It's okay, those things aren't important." Huo Mian was fine with it; she knew her mother cared about her family. "But… Mom, will they thank you for treating them so well?" That was the only thing she was worried about.

Her uncle's family was weird; they were your best friends when you were rich and will run away from you if you were poor.

"I don't want them to thank me. Your grandpa and grandma are gone, and your uncle is the only relative I have left aside from you and Zhixin…"

"I know, it's okay Mom. It's fine that you gave them all that," Huo Mian said as she eyed Zhixin, gesturing for him to stop giving their mother a hard time.

Zhixin understood Huo Mian and immediately changed the subject.

Because Huo Mian had been working hard all year, Director Wu gave Huo Mian five days off for Chinese New Year, all the way from December 29th to January 3rd of the lunar calendar.

Huo Mian was extremely satisfied with this decision…

She also gave the housekeeper and maids at South Hill Manor two weeks off.

Perhaps it was because Huo Mian grew up poor, but she valued the Spring Festival.

In the past, her mother only gave her and Zhixin money for new clothes and food during Chinese New Year.

Slowly, this became a new year's tradition for their family.

On Chinese New Year Eve, Huo Mian wore a bright red down jacket, black leggings, and red mid-length boots.

With the black beret on her head, she looked extremely young, energetic, and cute.

Qin Chu's outfit was picked out by Huo Mian – he was wearing a red down jacket as well.

He usually wore suits and rarely dressed up so informally. His jacket matched with Huo Mian's and the pair looked extremely festive.

Inside the red down jacket was a black shirt and black pants…

Black and red were forever the perfect and most classic combination.

Their festive-looking outfit made then look like a newlywed couple who were back to see their parents after the first night away.

Huo Mian even took a cheesy selfie of them together, subsequently uploading it onto WeChat and Weibo…

Then, her comment section exploded…

"Oh my gosh, is that Mr. Qin? He's so cute! I've never seen him wear red."

"Woah, Mr. Qin looks so cute in this photo! Look at his innocent expression!"

"Miss Huo, move aside, give him to me…"

"The Qins are making single people feel bad… but it's okay… because they're such a cute couple!"

"Huo Mian, I've always liked you. Some people say that you're pretentious and indifferent, but I laughed at them… you're so much better than women who pretend to be innocent but are actually super manipulative… Your personality is so much better… I'm a superfan who will support you forever!"

"Dr. Huo… I have a question, do walnuts help with Neurasthenia? Or do I have to take sleeping pills?"

"Qin Chu and Huo Mian are my favorite couple, they're low-key and never try to gain attention. I love them."

"Mian, I heard you guys started dating in high school, haha… dating early isn't a crime."

"Jesus, please give me a husband like President Qin, amen."

"Everyone says Huo Mian's lucky to have a man like President Qin love her but think about it… she's not that bad herself. She's a genius woman… If she's as ordinary as a glass of water, would Mr. Qin still love her? So… stop saying that Qin Chu is out of her league, maybe it's the other way around. I'm her true-love fan."

"Can I be a gossip and ask a question? I heard Imperial Star's President Su tried to court Mian but failed… Is it true?"

"Huo Mian, you're so shameless and ugly, Goddess Song is so much prettier," some anti-fan commented.

Then, one of Huo Mian's fans replied, "Did you forget to take medicine before you left the house this morning?"

Huo Mian almost burst out in laughter upon seeing all these comments.

"Honey, what are you reading? You're laughing so hard." Qin Chu drove as he curiously tilted his head to look at Huo Mian.