Chapter 131: Saving Life

Chapter 131: Saving Life
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"No, I wouldn't dare." Qin Chu never thought about challenging Huo Mian's IQ, which was an incredible 130.
"So why won't you accept my video call?" Huo Mian asked angrily.

"I'm not at home, Mian, I'm at work. My mom came to GK and wanted to see me. You didn't want them to know about us, so I couldn't let her come to our new home," Qin Chu explained patiently.

"Oh." Huo Mian replied with one word and disappeared.

Obviously, she wasn't fond of Qin Chu's mother. After all, Mrs. Qin was the main reason behind Uncle Jing's death.

Huo Mian put the phone in her pocket. Since Qin Chu was fine now, there was no point in her worrying.

Why was she so worried? She thought she didn't love him anymore.

She must be feeling bad because the enteritidis was caused by eating seafood with her. Yes, that must be it!

Huo Mian thought to herself deludedly...

Later that evening, when eating at the hospital cafeteria, she heard others mention that He Man had resigned.

According to the rumors, Wu Xiaoxue couldn't stand to have her in the ophthalmology department, let alone having her work closely with Ning Zhiyuan, day in and day out.

So, she found an excuse to transfer her to the morgue. He Man understood the difficulties that lied ahead and decided to step back. Therefore, she resigned.

Apparently, she made sure to make a scene prior to leaving the Ophthalmology Department and left Ning Zhiyuan very embarrassed.

He Man, the woman who wanted to watch the world plunge into chaos, wanted to get rid of Huo Mian, but got rid of herself instead. It seemed like she accidentally shot herself in the foot.

"Mian, He Man is gone now. We will have nothing but peace and quiet from now on."

"Yeah, less trouble for me."

"I heard that He Man was pregnant. Initially, she wanted to use her pregnancy to threaten Ning Zhiyuan into marrying her, but then Dr. Wu became pregnant too. The decision was obvious for Ning Zhiyuan, so he somehow tricked He Man into taking abortion pills. She suffered quite a bit. It wasn't a very successful abortion either. She had to go to a private gynecology clinic not far from us for curettage because she was too scared to come to our clinic for help. If I were her, after going through all that just to get dumped in the end, I would be pissed off and make a scene too."

Huo Mian listened thoughtfully and couldn't help but feel bad for He Man...

It was never easy to be a woman, but why did women have to make each other miserable? The end result for He Man today was almost unbearable to look at.

"You and Ning Zhiyuan were together for a long time, and he's been so nice to you. I never knew that he could be such an asshole. Perhaps he was just playing with He Man; I feel bad for her," Huang Yue sighed.

Huo Mian replied with silence. After all, this was none of her business anymore.

"Mian, you should be more careful. I'm afraid that you might be Dr. Wu's next target," Huang Yue whispered.

"It's fine. Worse comes to worst, I can quit. There are so many hospitals out there, I can just transfer to another one."

"But I heard Wu Xiaoxue is quite resourceful. She made sure that none of the other hospitals would hire He Man."

"He Man is He Man, I am me. I'm not afraid of her," she said, setting down her chopsticks since she had lost her appetite.

After dinner, Huo Mian and Huang Yue went back to the clinic and began their rounds.

They worked till eleven o'clock at night before things began settling down.

"Big Sis Mian, I'm going to go take a little nap, can you take watch for me?"

"Sure, go sleep. I'll be here." Huo Mian nodded.

The hallway suddenly became noisy...

Huo Mian opened the door and was frightened by what she saw...

A man was screaming as he held onto a pregnant woman, "Where are the doctors? Please, somebody come and save my wife!"

The pregnant woman was unconscious, and the lower half of her body was covered in blood, drenching her dark blue maternity dress.

"Yue, wake up! Go find the doctor on call, we need to help this patient!"

Huang Yue woke up from her nap stunned.

"Mian, the on-call doctor left early, she said she had family issues. There are no doctors that can perform a C-Section right now. Can we help her through natural labor?"

Huo Mian shook her head immediately, "No, we can't, she's bleeding out. We'll need to stop the bleeding and give her a blood infusion. If we go through with natural labor under these circumstances, the mother and baby will both die. We need to go into surgery immediately."

"Our surgeon already left work, perhaps you can go to another hospital?" Huang Yue glanced at the patient and said to her husband.

"No, we're running out of time. My wife's going to die from exhaustion. Please, save her!" The man's knees hit the floor as he held onto his bleeding wife, tears streaming down his face.

Huo Mian furrowed her brows and struggled for a bit. "Yue, take her into the OR. I'll start prepping her."

"Mian, what are you going to do?" Huang Yue looked puzzled.

"Perform surgery on her." Then, Huo Mian walked into the sanitization room and changed.