Chapter 1303: Snooker Celebrity Night 3

"I didn't want a girlfriend in the first place. This was your idea, not mine. I've already done my part."

Su Yu wasn't fazed at all...

"So I'm jerking those girls around?" Mrs. Su was infuriated.

"No, not only did you jerk them around, you've also jerked me around." Su Yu enunciated every word while staring at his mother.

Hearing this, Mrs. Su's expression slowly became grim...

Su Yu continued, "In the beginning, I thought that you would pick out three extremely beautiful girls for me, but I've overestimated your skills. The three girls in there… all somewhat resemble Huo Mian. You've worked hard to choose them out from 20,000 people... but what's the point? How pathetic do you think I am? I can't have the original so I have to settle for a knock-off? Isn't that sad?"

"I… was just doing it for your sake." Mrs. Su didn't expect such a strong reaction from Su Yu.

She originally thought that Su Yu would be happy to see women who resembled Huo Mian, and that he would feel something towards them.

She really didn't expect this much anger from him...

"No, you didn't do this for me. This is nothing but an insult. Mom, you're growing old, you don't need to worry about me. Put more effort into taking care of yourself. I'm sorry I've disappointed you." With that, Su Yu turned and left.

"Yu..." Mrs. Su yelled out with tears in her eyes.

Su Yu, however, never looked back...

Different people have different personalities. Huo Siqian couldn't help but lust after girls who looked like Huo Mian, but Su Yu knew the difference between what was real and what was fake.

There was only one Huo Mian in the world; she was unique and irreplaceable.

If he settled for a replacement because he couldn't be with her, that would be the lamest, dumbest thing he would ever do.

That night, Su Yu didn't go back to his parent's home. He didn't go to the nightclub or the company either.

Instead, he returned to his private mansion. Sensing his low mood, Tang Chuan followed him there.

Su Yu was the nostalgic type. After he sold his old mansion, he remodeled his current mansion to be the exact same as his last.

It was an exact replica of his old mansion. He even kept the aquarium theme going.

Once someone entered, it was as if they had stepped into an underwater world...

There were many tropical fishes swimming above their heads.

Many details were exactly the same as his old mansion...

Tang Chuan was truly astonished; Su Yu had only moved to the new mansion less than a week ago.

This was the first time Tang Chuan had entered the mansion...

"Ugh... I thought I entered your old home," Tang Chuan murmured to himself.


"Ugh… how about no?"

"Then leave!"

"Um… then I'll have a drink."

So, Tang Chuan and Su Yu brought out two cases of beer...

Paired with some snacks from the fridge, the duo drank until the next morning.

Su Yu's emotions reached an all-time low… He felt horrible.

The girl he liked told him to find himself a girlfriend.

His mother told him to just pick someone, anyone.

Was he that much of a failure?

"Tang Chuan… tell me the truth, do you really think I'll ever have the chance to be with Huo Mian?" Su Yu sat down on the floor next to the sofa, looking up at the fish swimming above his head.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth or lie?" Tang Chuan still seemed clear-headed.

"The truth, of course."

"If you want me to lie, I'd say yes, you'll definitely have the chance to be with her. If you want the truth, I don't think you will. Honestly, I feel like if Qin Chu died, Huo Mian would die with him. So, your chances are really slim… do you know why I change girlfriends faster than I change clothes? It's because I know that true love will ruin me. Being in love can truly make someone want to die and I'm really afraid of it. I'd rather stay single for the rest of my life." Although he didn't want to hurt Su Yu's feelings, Tang Chuan still chose to be honest.

Holding a bottle in his hand, Su Yu sighed...

"Sometimes I think that… I would gladly trade in ten years of my life to spend a short moment with her. Even if it's for a very short while, I still want to be with her… I want to see her smile, take care of her, things like that..."

Su Yu spoke from the bottom of his heart; the truth was, he never stopped wanting to be with Huo Mian...

Even if he was only left with memories, he would still be completely satisfied...

"So? Why don't we try to make Qin Chu suffer for a while? Then maybe Huo Mian can come to you for a while due to pressure. I have to warn you though, the three of us have to do this together. This is the only way to be able to cause GK's downfall..." Tang Chuan came up with his best idea.