Chapter 1284: Huo Mian, I Love You 15

Su Yu poured beer into his glass as he exclaimed, "Let me tell you, the South Sea is a place where birds don't even visit, how can there be women? It's a garrison, and even the military dogs there are male!"

The three of them all fell silent upon hearing this. Then, they all broke into rabid laughter…

"I feel bad for you; did you have to use your hands to resolve physical urges?" Tang Chuan mocked.

"Go away, don't talk like that. Dr. Jiang is here," Su Yu replied, feeling a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, you guys go on. I'll record a video, perhaps it'll go viral on my WeChat friend circle…" Jiang Xiaowei said as she waved her phone in the air.

"No, no, Sister-in-Law, please don't do that. If my dad ends up seeing it, he's going to kill me," Tang Chuan immediately said. Recently, his dad ordered him to go learn something at the company, so he wouldn't be as free as he was. However, he knew how to slack off – he went to his family company in the morning to sign in. Then, he left and went back to sign out of the company when the day was over.

"Did anything big happen here recently?" Su Yu asked as he drank an entire glass of beer, immediately feeling a sense of cold pleasure trickling down his throat…

"Yeah, do you know Song Yishi married Huo Siqian?" Tang Chuan asked immediately.

"I do." Su Yu nodded. Although he was tens of thousands of miles away, he still paid attention to C City's news every day.

Moreover, Song Yishi and Huo Siqian's wedding was such a big deal and was reported by various national media outlets. Therefore, it was only natural that he knew about it.

"Huo Corporation's old chairman died, and his funeral was this morning," Wei Liao added.

"Yeah, someone mentioned it to me when I got off the plane. Huo Siqian's got ways… Now that there's no one else in the corporation with his last name, no one will try to steal his throne."

Su Yu didn't like Huo Siqian because although he was always smiling, his mind was instead cooking up evil.

Therefore, even when Huo Siqian occasionally proposed that their companies cooperate, Su Yu had never agreed to it.

"That's about it. Oh, there's something else! It's about Huo Mian, do you want to hear about it?" Tang Chuan asked

Upon hearing this, Su Yu felt awkward and fell silent, his gaze falling onto the floor…

"If you don't want to hear about it, then I'm not going to tell you," Tang Chuan said on purpose, just to keep him guessing.

"Don't you dare, hurry up and tell me!" In the end, Su Yu couldn't hold back anymore; he was interested in all things that were related to Huo Mian, no matter how small they were.

Jiang Xiaowei had no idea what information Tang Chuan had on Mian since she had none herself.

"I don't know what Huo Mian's brain is made of, but she's just outrageously smart. The International Red Cross Committee presented her with the 2016 'Outstanding Overseas Doctor Award'."

"What? When did this happen? How do I not know about this?" Jiang Xiaowei froze upon hearing this.

"She probably doesn't even know about it. I hooked up with a Finnish doctor a while back, she pays attention to stuff like that. To find common ground with her, I followed all sorts of official medical departments. When I was browsing through Instagram this morning, I saw an official announcement. Maybe they didn't notify Huo Mian yet? Or maybe they did, and Huo Mian doesn't understand English?"

"Is it a prestigious award or something?" confused, Wei Liao asked.

Jiang Xiaowei explained, "It is, a while back Huo Mian wrote a paper and the two of us spent all night looking up technical terms translating it before she mailed it out the next day. It's a paper that calls the entire world to pay more attention to autistic children, and it contains a lot of academic opinions as well as Huo Mian's own ideas. I guess it was well-received."

"She is very good at her job." Wei Liao nodded in praise.

"That's not all of it. A while back, the Chinese Medical Association awarded her with the Huaxia Physician Award'. It's really prestigious, and she received a certificate of merit as well as a trophy. But she didn't say anything or show off, and she just asked her assistant to place them in her office. The hospital even made her a banner to celebrate, and Director Wu gave her a 500,000-yuan bonus."

"I don't think Huo Mian's from our planet..." Tang Chuan suddenly replied. Then he glanced over at Su Yu and asked on purpose, as if looking for a beating, "Young Master Su, what do you think?"