Chapter 1283: Huo Mian, I Love You 14

"Oh," Huo Mian replied calmly; Su Yu wasn't supposed to be away for long anyway. She heard that he was going to be down south for twenty or so days. Therefore, she wasn't shocked to hear that he had returned since time was almost up.

"We're going out to dinner tonight, do you want to come?"

"No, thanks, you guys have fun though."

Huo Mian always avoided events that Su Yu attended as well because she didn't want her husband to feel uncomfortable…

Moreover, she didn't want Su Yu to think that she had a thing for him…

Huo Mian was a woman with principles, so she would never flirt with a man that was not her husband.

After Jiang Xiaowei put her phone down, Tang Chuan immediately asked, "Xiaowei, what did Huo Mian say? Is she coming?"

"I told you she wasn't going to come, pay up!" Jiang Xiaowei said as she reached out her hand.

Helpless, Tang Chuan took a thousand yuan from his wallet and handed it to her…

Wei Liao had changed and was walking out of their bedroom when he heard their conversation, "What money?"

"I made a bet with my sister-in-law that Huo Mian will come, and I lost," Tang Chuan sighed.

"Is there something wrong with your brain? Why would you bet on something like that? It's obvious that she wouldn't come. You know that she always avoids Yu."

"But Yu's been gone for almost a month, even a normal friend should welcome him back, right?" Tang Chuan quibbled, trying to justify himself.

"Too bad… they're not friends," Jiang Xiaowei said as she put Tang Chuan's one thousand yuan happily into her own wallet – the good thing about having rich friends was that she could dupe them out of money whenever she wanted to.

She could earn a living just by making bets with Tang Chuan and the others…

"Forget it, let's stop wasting time. I'm in a hurry to see what Yu looks like now," Tang Chuan said as he left Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei's mansion…

The three of them got onto the Wei Family's Mercedes RV and the driver drove them to the Phoenix, where Wei Liao made reservations a long time ago to welcome Su Yu back.

As soon as they arrived, they saw a white sports car drive up from afar.

Then, with a 'screech', it parked outside the restaurant.

Tang Chuan couldn't control his excitement as he jumped off the RV and screamed in surprise. "Woah, is that a limited edition Bugatti Veyron? Can you not be so flashy and pretentious, Young Master Su?"

Su Yu opened the door of his car and walked out; it was the middle of winter, but he was only wearing a casual, black and white shirt.

His shirt was uniquely designed, making him look more handsome than he already did.

"Su Yu's probably the only one C City who can afford to drive a car that costs 50 million yuan," Wei Liao sighed as he helped Jiang Xiaowei of the car.

"I wouldn't be so sure, that dude from GK can probably afford it too," Tang Chuan added.

"No one's going to think you're mute if you don't say anything." Su Yu's face turned grim; why did his stupid friend have to mention Qin Chu as soon as he got back?

Then, the four of them went straight to the VIP room on the top floor. Before sitting down, Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and Su Yu greeted each other with a big hug, in a manly manner, of course.

"You've gotten tanned…" Jiang Xiaowei smiled at Su Yu, who replied, "Of course I'm tanned, it's 34.5 degrees down there every day, and I'm forced to stand under the sun. If a polar bear went, it would come back as a black bear," Su Yu said in all seriousness; his new tan made him seem manlier than he used to.

"Hahaha… Young Master Su, stop joking around!" Tang Chuan was basically a 'laugh slut', laughing at any joke.

"I'll order, you guys talk…" Jiang Xiaowei sensibly took the menu and flipped through it while the three men chit-chatted amongst each other…

"Did anything good happen while you were over at the South Sea?" Tang Chuan asked, with a perverted smile.

Su Yu knew there was more to his question, so he asked, "What do you mean by 'good'?"

Tang Chuan licked his tongue playfully; yet, before he could say anything, Wei Liao asked, "He's asking about women, that's the only thing capable of coming out of his mouth!"