Chapter 1281: Huo Mian, I Love You 12

"You've been alive for too long, allow me to… send you off." Huo Siqian smiled evilly.

"You bastard… you wouldn't dare!"

Never in his dreams did Huo Zhenghai think that Huo Siqian would so brazenly murder him.

He wanted to struggle, but his daily injections had left his body weak.

Huo Siqian took one last glance at Huo Zhenghai upon walking up to him. "Leave the Huo Corporation in my hands, you should go in peace… Dad."

Then, Huo Siqian lifted the throw pillow and covered Huo Zhenghai's face with it…

"Mhm!" It was no use, no matter how much the latter tried to struggle.

Three minutes later, Huo Zhenghai stopped moving; his hands fell onto either side of his body…

Huo Siqian picked the throw pillow up and looked at his pale, lifeless face. Then, he tucked Huo Zhenghai's body in. "Sweet dreams, Dad."

He smiled before walking out.

When he got to the door, he removed a tiny eavesdropping bug from the door handle and walked downstairs.

"Sir, are you not staying for dinner?" the maid asked, and Huo Siqian shook his head. "No, it's okay. My dad's asleep, don't disturb him. Call me if anything happens."

"I will, Sir."

Then, Huo Siqian drove his Rolls-Royce away from the secluded mansion…

Huo Mian didn't say anything after getting into Qin Chu's car.

He touched her face. "Are you in a bad mood?"

"I think… Huo Zhenghai is dying."

"Mhm, isn't that normal? Huo Siqian would never let those who challenge him off the hook. He's more of a 'remove the source of trouble' kind of man."

Qin Chu thought it was normal; it would only be weird if Huo Siqian was willing to forgive Huo Zhenghai and let him live out his retirement in peace.

"I told him about that thing."

"You did? Aren't you afraid Huo Siqian placed a bug in his room?"

Huo Mian shook her head. "No, Huo Siqian knows about my identity already, so I told Huo Zhenghai everything, and I even got some evidence from him."


"Uncle Jing isn't that simple… I'm curious as well, if he took me back to be Huo Zhenghai's daughter, then where did his real daughter go?"

"This is something that's going to take a while to figure out. Don't be in a hurry," Qin Chu said as he extended his hand and massaged the back of Huo Mian's hands, trying to console her.

Huo Mian's mysterious identity had become a prick in her heart.

Plus, Rick made it extremely clear to Qin Chu not to look into it anymore.

All clues that led to Huo Mian's identity were cut off, and everyone who tried to investigate into this matter had disappeared…

This was not a good sign…

However, Qin Chu still investigated for Huo Mian, because he didn't want her to live in regret.

"I'm fine, Honey… Don't worry about me." Huo Mian put her hands around Qin Chu's arms.

"Are you sober already? Your sentences are so well-formed." Qin Chu was both angry and amused.

"Um… I think I really did sober up."

After all this, it was already after midnight. Huo Mian didn't feel dizzy or want to throw up anymore.

It seemed like her tolerance had gotten better…

After they returned to South Hill, they washed up and immediately went to bed.

- The next morning -

The headlines of the news were, 'Huo Zhenghai, the Chairman of the Huo Corporation, Passed Away Last Night in his Private Mansion'.

Upon seeing the news, Huo Mian was left grief-stricken…

Although they weren't related by blood, she was still sad to hear that he died.

She climbed out of bed and was about to go wash up in the bathroom when her mother called, "Mian… have you seen the news?"

"Yeah, I just did."

"Is it true? Did he really die?" Yang Meirong's voice trembled.

"Mom… wait for me, I'm heading over to see you now."

- Sky Blessing Court -

Yang Meirong grabbed her daughter's hands as soon as she saw her, "Mian, what happened, how did this suddenly happen? He wasn't even hospitalized; how did he die?"