Chapter 1278: Huo Mian, I Love You 9

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian quietly got on Huo Siqian's car; she hadn't seen Huo Zhenghai in such a long time…

During the Huo Family's civil war, she didn't help Huo Zhenghai, so he was quickly defeated.

Afterward, Huo Siqian put him on house arrest, making his life more pathetic than ever.

To Huo Mian's surprise, however, he was dying already…

Neither of them said anything as the car drove forward.

Huo Mian was careful around Huo Siqian, so rather than sitting in the passenger's seat, she sat in the backseat.

"You drank?" Huo Siqian asked with a chuckle.

"How did you know?"

"The smell is really pungent…"

Huo Siqian's car was filled with the smell of alcohol, but Huo Mian, being the one who drank, didn't notice it at all.

She didn't answer…

"Qin Chu let you drink with another man in the middle of the night?"

"How did you know I drank with another man?" Huo Mian was curious; how did he know? Was he magical?

"I saw Ni Yang's sportscar outside the restaurant just now…"

Huo Mian didn't know what to say; she had to admit, however, that Huo Siqian was so attentive to details that he was borderline scary…

"Won't Qin Chu get jealous?"

"Why would he? Ni Yang's like a little brother to me," Huo Mian answered, rolling her eyes at him.

Huo Siqian smiled but didn't respond…

"How's life after marriage? Is it going well? How's Song Yishi?" Huo Mian suddenly gossiped.

"It's been pretty good."

"Really?" Huo Mian asked, obviously doubtful.

He married Song Yishi! How can someone's married life be good with her as a bride?

"Of course… but I was saying that my life was good… I never asked her how she felt." Huo Siqian's smile seemed to have some kind of deeper meaning.

Whenever Song Yishi saw Huo Siqian, she looked at him as if he was a ghost, ready to run away at any time…

He wasn't someone to spoil a woman, and he was even capable of beating and whipping them…

Song Yishi would never forget how his belt felt on their wedding night…

After twenty minutes in Huo Siqian's car, he parked outside a desolate mansion.

Huo Mian looked outside; they seemed to be in the northeast of C City, somewhere even the government hadn't yet developed.

The Huo Family owned a piece of land here but never did anything with it.

Later, Huo Zhenghai built a mansion here to live with his mistress but was now being held in captivity, like a prisoner. How ironic…

"What happened to him?" worried, Huo Mian asked as they walked up to the doors of the mansion.

"His health was never that good to begin with, but he knew no limits… He's been trying too hard to have a son and ultimately overindulged… No one can save him now…"

Huo Mian was speechless…

"Don't look at me like that, I didn't do anything to him. At the end of the day, he's still my foster father. I'm not cold-blooded enough to try to kill him…"

Huo Siqian explained, trying to shake blame off himself.

Huo Mian didn't say anything and followed him in…

"Sir, you're here." An old woman, around 50 years old, opened the door to greet them.

Her outfit was plain and her hair was graying…

"Yeah," Huo Siqian led Huo Mian into the mansion as he casually asked, "how's he doing today?"

"He's… not doing very well. He only had some porridge but threw it all up in the afternoon. Dr. Wang came to give him a shot of nutrition a while ago."

"Okay, I got it."

Then, he and Huo Mian went upstairs and into the master bedroom.

Huo Zhenghai lied on a giant ivory bed with an IV in his arm. His expression was pale and lifeless…

Huo Mian didn't expect to see him like this, since it had only been a month since they last saw each other.

He had lost a lot of weight and both of his cheeks had sunk into his bones.

"Go check on him. I don't think he'll want to see me, so I'll wait outside," Huo Siqian said outside the door.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Huo Mian slowly headed towards Huo Zhenghai. After pausing for a second, she called out, "Mr. Huo."

This was probably the most suitable name she could call him right now…

Huo Zhenghai slowly opened his eyes to look at Huo Mian. "You're… here?"