Chapter 1277: Huo Mian, I Love You 8

Huo Mian knew Ni Yang couldn't withstand so much pressure at once, but she still wanted to try her luck, to see if he could release himself from his emotional shackles.

His reaction today would determine whether he would forgive his mother, so she had to try her best…

"No, she doesn't love me, she never cared about me! All she cares about is that other son of hers, she only loves him," Ni Yang sobbed as he placed his hands over his head, deep in denial…

Huo Mian slowly walked up to Ni Yang and bent down before him. Then, she patted his back gently, as if she was consoling a young child. "Shuai Shuai is an innocent little boy, just like you. It wasn't his choice to come into this world, but all he wants to do is to live his life in peace. Just like you, he grew up with just one parent… Aside from your mom, he's also the only person left who is related to you by blood… I hope you can think about things from a different perspective."

Ni Yang was crying so hard that he couldn't get any words out of his mouth…

Huo Mian continued, "You probably know this saying, 'when the tree wants peace, but the wind won't allow it, and when the son wants to display filial piety, maybe his parents will no longer be there'. I don't want you to suddenly come to your senses one day, just to realize that you don't have any family left. If that happens, you will regret it, but you won't be able to do anything about it. The truth is… our lives are short, and we will all have friends, family, and a lover. It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, but after this life, you'll never see them again. Perhaps you get to be her son in this life, but in the next life, you might be just strangers… That's why I hope you can let go of your past and start over. Give yourself a way out and your family a chance to get close to you…"

Human emotions are magnified when one is drunk…

Ni Yang had so much to drink and since his emotions were complicated to begin with, he became more emotional than ever upon hearing what Huo Mian said.

Still, he heard every single word she said, and the phrase, 'when the son wants to display filial piety, but maybe his parents will no longer be there' especially touched him. Maybe one day, decades from now, he will finally forgive his mother. But what would he do if she was no longer on this earth?

At that thought, Ni Yang felt a change of heart. He slowly stood up, wiped off his tears, and turned to face Xie Juan.

Staring into her eyes, he asked, "Why did you help me?"

"Because… you're my child." Xie Juan wasn't extremely articulate, so her words were plain and to-the-point. However, those simple words created a hurricane in Ni Yang's heart…

"Then why did you never come looking for me?"

"My life wasn't good when your life wasn't, and my life still wasn't good when your life was… I don't have the face to go looking for you… If Shuai Shuai wasn't dying from kidney failure, I would have never asked you for money at that time. Yang… I'm sorry, I'm not fit to be your mother."

Once again, Xie Juan broke into tears…

Yes, it wasn't easy for her to raise Shuai Shuai alone, but she knew it was even harder for Ni Yang to grow up alone.

No one lived an easy life in this brutal world…

Ni Yang looked at her as tears streamed down his face. Finally, he fell to his knees and shouted, "Mom…"

Xie Juan's body froze for a second before running up to Ni Yang. She knelt down too and hugged him as tightly as she could as they both burst into tears…

"Yang… I'm sorry for all that you've been through."

Huo Mian wasn't someone who liked to cry, so she rarely shed tears.

Yet, she became extremely emotional by the scene in front of her and couldn't help but quietly wipe tears off her face.

She was so happy that after all these years, Ni Yang could forgive Xie Juan.

She completely forgot about calling Qin Chu until she left Southern Ocean Pavilion and felt the icy chill of winter on her face…

She picked up her phone and was just about to dial when a Rolls-Royce slowly stopped in front of her.

The window of the car was rolled down, and Huo Siqian smiled at Huo Mian. "Where are you going? Do you need a ride?"

"No thanks," Huo Mian refused.

"Don't you want to go see the old man? He's dying…" He then said, leaving Huo Mian surprised.