Chapter 1276: Huo Mian, I Love You 7

"Why… is she here?"

It took Ni Yang almost a minute to come back to his senses as he asked dumbly.

"She… was your liver donor." After a moment of hesitation, Huo Mian decided to tell him the truth, or else Ni Yang would never forgive the woman he hated with every fiber of his body…

"She what…?" Ni Yang was obviously doubtful.

"Yes, or else you would have experienced rejection if it was some stranger's liver. Your transplant was successful because the donor was related to you by blood."

Tears began streaming down Xie Juan's face as she said, "Yang… I'm sorry."

Truth be told, she wasn't a selfish woman. She just couldn't accept the fact that Ni Yang's father raped her all those years ago.

Therefore, she vented her anger out on Ni Yang and ignored him for the better half of his life.

However, Ni Yang was still her child who she carried 9 months to term!

No matter how vicious a tiger was, she would never eat her own son. Therefore, no matter how heartless Xie Juan seemed to be, she would never ignore Ni Yang when he was dying…

After her initial conversations with Huo Mian, Xie Juan felt extreme remorse for making a child suffer, all because of her love and hate relationships.

Back then, she didn't know that a liver donation wasn't life-threatening. She thought she would die afterward, but she still decided to donate her liver, just so she could repent on her sins.

To her, everything was right on track – Shuai Shuai had recovered and she didn't have to worry about him anymore.

Therefore, she was willing to give her life for this other son of hers…

"That's impossible, it's impossible…" Ni Yang was a little emotional and kept shaking his head.

Seeing that the time was right, Huo Mian said slowly, "Here's what happened all those years ago. Mrs. Xie fell in love with a man, but another man raped her, forcing her into a life of misery. She didn't want others to gossip about her, so she married her rapist and gave birth to an innocent boy. She didn't live a happy life and was often beaten by her drunk husband. In the end, she wanted to escape from hell, so she ran away, leaving her son behind. That boy used to hate his mother for throwing him aside and blamed her for his grief-filled childhood. Later, that boy became famous while his mother had another son, whom she raised herself. Then, one day, she was told that her famous son was sick and needed a liver transplant. To repent for her sins, she agreed to give him a part of her liver almost immediately, in hopes that her son would forgive her. In this sad story, the boy was innocent, and the woman's life was hard. Fate was fickle, but they weren't… the good news is, everything's in the past now, and their lives are now back on track. However, the boy never forgot his mother, and his mother never forgot about him. Whether it's love or hate, it's a life-long relationship, because… They're mother and son, and blood will always be thicker than water."

"Stop it, Sister Mian, please stop…" Ni Yang curled up into a ball on the floor; he seemed to be in shock and couldn't accept the reality right away…

Xie Juan kept sobbing quietly; she already didn't greedily hope for Ni Yang to forgive her. All she just wanted was for him to live a better life.

"No, I have to say it. Ni Yang, humans make mistakes, the most important thing is to acknowledge what's wrong and correct it. Xie Juan knows what she did was wrong, she's showing her remorse through her actions. She thought she would die after the liver transplant, but after some hesitation, she still donated a part of her liver to you… This proves just how important you are to her. The most important thing in life is health, you said so yourself. We only get one life, so the one who is willing to sacrifice for you is the one who loves you the most… That's an undeniable fact," Huo Mian looked at Ni Yang as she said this, her heart aching for him and his mother.