Chapter 1274: Huo Mian, I Love You 5

Huo Mian froze for a second before laughing. "You little brat, what's it to you!"

"Um… it's just that the president is so scary when he's mad… I'm terrified of him."

Truth be told, all of GK's employees were afraid of Qin Chu; even superstars like Mo Xue'er acted reserved around him.

Everyone knew President Qin was scrupulous in separating public from private and dealt rewards and punishments accordingly. He was never one to smile and joke around with his staff.

If you did your job right, then great. He'll reward you with money, cars, and condos.

If you didn't do your job right, that's fine, but he wouldn't be so forgiving in your mistakes.

GK's employees were aware of Qin Chu's resolute personality and knew he was a man of many talents.

Therefore, although Ni Yang was close with Huo Mian, he never tried to use their relationship to get ahead with President Qin, since he knew his boss's temper well.

"Don't worry, my husband's a gentle man…" Huo Mian snickered.

Ni Yang awkwardly replied, "Ha… gentle? That's a word I would never associate him with. Plus… he's probably only gentle with you, so I should tread carefully."

"Don't worry, my hubby gave his approval… Just chill out and celebrate with me, let's make a toast!" Huo Mian lifted her wine glass, trying to brighten up the mood.

Unguarded, Ni Yang began drinking with Huo Mian, and they quickly went through three bottles of red wine…

Red wine was pretty strong; you might not feel like it when you first drink it, but soon, you'll get dizzy.

After a few bottles, Ni Yang's face became red and Huo Mian's face became blurry to him…

"Sister Mian, I can't drink anymore… I might pass out if I do… This wine is too strong…" Ni Yang shook his head in defeat.

However, Huo Mian didn't think they had enough yet, so she asked the waiter to bring them some ice cubes, so she could put them in their wine, making the alcohol easier to swallow.

When they were done with their fourth bottle, Ni Yang was officially tipsy. He even sang Huo Mian his new single.

After a short verse, he asked her excitedly, "Sis, what do you think, what do you think, do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's really good, I'm sure it'll become super popular and you'll sell a bunch of albums. Here, let's drink to your upcoming record-setting sales," Huo Mian said as she raised her glass.

In his super-tipsy state, Ni Yang no longer refused and raised his glass along with her.

"Here, Mian, cheers!"

As expected, Ni Yang fell right into her trap…

Huo Mian took out her phone and sent Xie Juan a text message, "Mrs. Xie, come meet me now. I'm with Ni Yang on Third Ring Pedestrian Walkway Road. We're at South Ocean Pavilion, private room 208. I'll arrange for you guys to meet later."

Xie Juan got emotional upon receiving Huo Mian's text. After hesitating for a while, she finally replied, "Will he want to see me?"

"Just come, trust me," Huo Mian replied confidently; she was sure Xie Juan would come.

At this point, Ni Yang was borderline drunk. He complained, "Sis, stop playing with your phone, let's drink!"

"Haha, what's the hurry? Let's take a photo first."

Huo Mian took out her selfie stick and they both made silly peace signs with their hands…

Then, Huo Mian uploaded it onto her WeChat friend circle with the caption, "I'm having dinner with a superstar, hahaha, does anyone want his autograph?"

In the photo, Huo Mian was pouting like a little girl while Ni Yang's cap was on sideways as he stuck out his tongue, trying to look cool.

Their photo caused a stir in Huo Mian's WeChat and almost all her friends voiced their jealousy…