Chapter 1273: Huo Mian, I Love You 4

"Um… yeah…" Huo Mian answered, feeling a little guilty.

"Are you sure?" Qin Chu looked into her eyes and asked in all seriousness.

Huo Mian thought her husband was going to refuse her request, so she decided to pull out her big guns.

She put her arms around Qin Chu's neck and said coyishly, "Honey, you won't say 'no', right? It's such a small request."

"A small request? You think drinking alcohol is a small request?" Qin Chu raised an eyebrow, and Huo Mian nodded. "I'm not drinking for no reason, I doing it to help Ni Yang…"

"Do you really need alcohol to help him?"

"Of course. Last time I helped him talk things out by drinking with him, it's called combating poison with poison… Ni Yang is such an introvert, if he doesn't get drunk, he won't be able to open up to anymore… He and his mother don't get along right now, I have to help them reconcile… It's the most important thing I can do for him…"

Qin Chu looked down without saying anything; Huo Mian had no idea what was going on in his head, so she continued wearing him down, "Mr. Qin, Honey, Sweetie, Baby… please?"

She rocked Qin Chu's neck back and forth, speaking to him ever so flirtatiously…

In the end, Qin Chu gave into Huo Mian's sugarcoated bullets…

"I really can't do anything about you, can I…" He sighed, and Huo Mian looked up happily. "Ha, Honey, are you saying 'yes'?"

"Yeah, don't drink too much though… You need to take care of your body…" Qin Chu had no choice but to agree to Huo Mian's not-so-small request.

"Thanks, Honey!"

Elated, Huo Mian planted a wet one on Qin Chu face before getting up from his embrace.

"Are you leaving already?" Qin Chu didn't know whether to laugh or cry; he sure had a smart wife. She used him and tossed him away, just like that?

Huo Mian froze in her steps. "Am I not supposed to?"

"Can you not be so obvious when you burn your bridges?" Qin Chu laughed, and Huo Mian replied in embarrassment, "Ahem… I didn't want to divert you from work for too long."

"Call me after dinner, I'll pick you up. No drinking and driving!" Qin Chu reminded Huo Mian, who gestured him an 'okay' sign with her hand and skipped out of his office…

Upon seeing Huo Mian walk out, her head up high, Yang immediately knew that she got what she wanted.

The president never won when it came to the Young Madam...

"Young Madam, are you leaving already?" Yang smiled as he walked up to kiss her ass.

"Yup, bye!"

After leaving GK, Huo Mian drove straight back to South Hill Manor to get a case of red wine from the cellar.

Then, she headed downtown, looking for a good place to eat.

After driving around for a while, she ended up choosing one of the restaurants at her 13-storefront pedestrian walkway, now one of the busiest shopping areas in the city.

One of the shops was renovated into a restaurant called Southern Ocean Pavilion, which specialized in Southeast Asian cuisine.

Huo Mian had never tried cuisine from that part of the world before, so she was curious as to how it tasted…

After parking her car, Huo Mian walked in.

"Welcome, how many are there in your party tonight?"

"Do you have any private rooms?

"We do, please come with me."

The waiter then led Huo Mian upstairs as she looked around, satisfied with the overall ambiance of the restaurant.

After finishing up his work at GK, Ni Yang met up with Huo Mian at the restaurant according to the address she gave him.

After ordering a few dishes in their elegant private room, Huo Mian took out a bottle of red wine and uncorked it…

"Um… Sis, are we drinking again?" Ni Yang's tolerance was only average, so he felt dizzy as soon as he saw red wine.

He still remembered getting drunk with Huo Mian at the hospital and crying like a baby… that day still haunts him…

"It's an early celebration since your end-of-year film is releasing soon. Here's to a high box office!"

Huo Mian randomly thought of an excuse before filling both their glasses up with wine…

"Sister Mian… does the president know you're drinking again behind his back?" Ni Yang asked carefully.