Chapter 1271: Huo Mian, I Love You 2

"Leave it up to me, don't worry. Just… wait for me to contact you."

"Then… how should I thank you, Dr. Huo? You've helped us so much."

Xie Juan wanted to kneel in front of Huo Mian and kowtow as many times as she could because the latter had done so much for her.

"It's okay. Ni Yang's like my little brother, I want to see him reunite with his family. Don't feel too much pressure…"

After sitting with them for a while, Huo Mian gave Shuai Shuai a bunch of school supplies she bought on her way here before leaving for GK.

GK was filming a celebrity advertisement this weekend and most of the company's celebrities were coming, so Huo Mian was sure she was going to see Ni Yang here.

Unexpectedly, however, she ran into Mo Xue'er and Jiang Ye in the lobby.

Jiang Ye was a celebrity based in Jing City, but he had visited C City many times over the past few weeks. It seemed like the rumors that he and Mo Xue'er were close friends were true…

"Young Madam."

"Hi, Young Madam."

"Good afternoon, Young Madam."

All of GK's employees recognized Huo Mian, no matter how ordinary her outfit was. Today, she was wearing a short white down jacket, straight pants, and mid-length boots. She looked as cute as a teenage girl.

As young as she looked, no one dared to offend the president's woman, whom he loved very much.

"What a coincidence, Young Madam, why are you here today?" Mo Xue'er smiled upon seeing Huo Mian, as if her abortion just a few weeks ago, never happened.

She nodded. "I'm here to see Ni Yang."

"Young Madam, you seem close with Ni Yang…" Jiang Ye said with a hint of jealousy, but Huo Mian ignored him since she didn't even know him that well.

Then, Huo Mian swiped her card and headed upstairs in the elevator designated for the president only.

Jiang Ye shook his head as he watched Huo Mian walk away. "Tsk tsk, she's actually arrogant enough to ignore me."

Mo Xue'er chuckled. "If you saw her cursing at Young Master Su, you wouldn't feel so bad about yourself."

"I'm curious… I really want to get to know this woman," Jiang Ye laughed, and Mo Xue'er sneered, "So… are you going against President Qin?"

Jiang Ye smiled without replying…

Huo Mian wasn't one to be super nice to people she didn't know well, no matter who that person was.

Jiang Ye felt sorry for himself because he thought he held a high status in China.

If so, shouldn't Su Yu feel even worse?

If Huo Mian was a woman easily wavered by money, Su Yu would've gotten his way with her a long time ago.

Upon her arrival, Huo Mian didn't go straight to the president's office. Rather, she went up to the film and television department.

As expected, Ni Yang was getting makeup done…

"Hi, Young Madam," a few executives from the advertisement department greeted her, and she nodded back at them before heading straight towards Ni Yang.

"Sis… why are you here?" Ni Yang looked up.

"To see you, of course."

"What's up?" Ni Yang smiled; after everything that happened between them, Ni Yang treated Huo Mian like his own sister.

Ever since Zhixin went abroad, Huo Mian treated Ni Yang like her own brother as well.

Therefore, they were always direct and straightforward with each other.

"Are you busy tonight? Want to grab dinner together? My treat."

"Your treat?" Ni Yang froze, and Huo Mian nodded with a smile on her face…

"Sister Mian, what are you plotting? You were the one who taught me that people who acted nice often wanted something from you…" Ni Yang laughed.

"Yup, I'm definitely plotting something, what do you say, do you have the guts to find out?"

Elated, Ni Yang exclaimed, "Of course I do. Not only will I go, but I'll also eat you poor…"

- GK's Office of the President -

"Sir, the Young Madam is here."

"Where is she?" Qin Chu looked up from his pile of documents to see Yang pointing at another direction. "Um… she went straight to the film and television department…"

Qin Chu was speechless; why didn't he know that his wife was coming to GK?

"That's why I don't know what to do. Should I ask her to come here, or would you like to call her yourself?" Yang asked, a little nervous.

He felt like the president and Young Madam were acting a little weird today…