Chapter 1269: Reconciliation of the Century 10

"My father-in-law called me to pick you up."

"I'm not going back with you, you can leave." Not only did Song Yishi dislike Huo Siqian, but she was also terrified of him.

He whipped her with his belt on her wedding night…

But, she didn't even have the guts to say anything to her parents and had no choice but to swallow all her anger and fear.

This was because she realized that Huo Siqian was a true psycho. Therefore, it wasn't smart to piss someone like him off.

In the end, she ran all the way back to her family mansion, just to keep a safe distance from him.

"I don't care, it's your decision…" Huo Siqian didn't feel anything towards Song Yishi.

He had ulterior motives to marry her, and now that his goals were reached, he, of course, didn't care whether she wanted to go back with him or not.

Thus, he turned around to leave… but bumped into Mayor Song, who had just arrived home from work.

"Father." Huo Siqian smiled, and Mayor Song asked grimly, "Where are you going?"

"Yishi said she doesn't want to go home with me. She asked me to leave."

"Nonsense! It's not up to you, Yishi. Come over here now, I have to talk to both of you."

Then, Mayor Song walked in angrily and sat down on the couch.

Song Yishi, wearing a long, black lace dress, walked downstairs extremely unwillingly…

Huo Siqian wore a smile on his face as he sat down casually next to Mayor Song.

He didn't seem to be intimidated by his father-in-law…

"I don't care why the two of you got married. Anyways… since you're already husband and wife, whether you love each other doesn't matter. The most important thing right now is to protect all our reputations. Reporters today have the guts to expose anything, so Yishi, you can't stay here with me and your mom forever. Go home with Siqian today."

"Dad… I don't…"

"Shut up, it's not up to you anymore. You were the ones who caused this mess, I'm not about to clean it up!"

Mayor Song bellowed, forcing Song Yishi to immediately swallow the rest of her protests.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, had a smile on his face the entire time… No one knew what he was thinking.

"If you want to get divorced, you'll have to wait until after the provincial elections in three months…"

Mayor Song's intentions were clear – before the provincial elections, he didn't want to be drowned by negative news, which will, in turn, ruin his career.

"I got it, Dad." Song Yishi decided that she could suck it up for three months, so she no longer challenged her father.

"I'm fine with it." Huo Siqian shrugged.

"Also… you have to pretend to be a happy couple out in public. Fake it if you have to… we can't afford gossip."

Song Yishi's belly was full of fury, but she still nodded. "Okay, Dad."

"Whatever you say, Dad." Huo Siqian nodded.

"Okay then, you guys can go. Or, stay for dinner," Mayor Song said as he got up to leave.

Song Yishi glared hatefully at Huo Siqian. "You better not touch me in these three months."

"Don't worry, I won't, even if you beg me," Huo Siqian sneered; was she kidding him? He would rather sleep with a hooker than touch Song Yishi. At this point, anyone was better than her!

This woman sure thought highly of herself…

Neither of them was in the mood for dinner, so they left the Song mansion in their own cars.

After arriving at Huo Siqian's mansion, he quickly changed and left…

Song Yishi, on the other hand, was used to his behavior and didn't even ask him where he was going. She went into the bathroom to take a shower before getting into bed.

After making sure that Huo Siqian was really gone, Song Yishi picked up her phone and dialed a number. "Let's meet up tomorrow. We're going on with our plan."

Huo Siqian was driving with earbuds on…

He had wiretapped Song Yishi's phone and therefore heard her entire conversation.

After Song Yishi hung up, Huo Siqian pulled off his earbuds and spat angrily, "What a bitch, you seriously need to quiet down or one day, you're going to kill yourself."

- Next morning -

It was Saturday morning and Huo Mian had the day off. Therefore, Qin Chu asked his driver to pick him up. He left in a Bentley, leaving his Maybach for Huo Mian to drive.

After breakfast, Huo Mian headed straight to Sky Blessing Court to see her mother; truth be told, she was interested in two things, one, whether Yang Xiuping was still there and two, did her mother 'find' her jewelry?