Chapter 1267: Reconciliation of the Century 8

"Marry me. Let's get married?" Gao Ran lovingly looked at Zhu Lingling as he repeated what he just said.

Something as serious as a marriage proposal was so easily said by Gao Ran...

Although there were no flowers, no diamond ring, no candles, no fireworks, and no party...

Zhu Lingling was still overwhelmed by the scene as tears rolled down her eyes...

She didn't know what was happening, but her tears kept on falling...

"Why are you crying?" Gao Ran was scared, he didn't understand the thought process of women.

He thought that his proposal scared Zhu Lingling into crying.

Gao Ran pulled out some tissues and wiped the tears away from Zhu Lingling's face.

"Do you think marriage proposal is a peanut-size topic, and you can talk about it whenever you want? You don't even have a ring!" Zhu Lingling complained as she continued to wail.

In fact, she was just trying to cover up her tears of happiness...

"Yes, I do."

As if it was a display of magic, Gao Ran took out a red velvet box and opened it in front of Zhu Lingling.

The style was quite normal but the diamond was huge.

"It's so big, how much did it cost?" Zhu Lingling asked as she wiped the tears off her face.

"Not much, less than a hundred thousand yuan," Gao Ran laughed like a silly kid.

"Less than a hundred thousand, you don't even make that much in a year!" Zhu Lingling was angry and upset.

"It's fine, haha. I'll save up for two years if a year's worth isn't enough. I've been working for so long, I don't spend that much anyways. My parents pay for my living costs, so I had enough for the ring."

"You're so stupid, why did you have to get such a big one?" Zhu Lingling always knew that despite how rich Gao Ran's family was, he didn't earn much, much less than Zhu Lingling did. He was no comparison to Qin Chu and Wei Liao, who were crazy rich CEOs.

So, she was heartbroken that he spent so much on a ring...

"Uh… I thought that if the diamond was bigger, the chance that you'll accept my proposal is higher, right?" Scratching his head, Gao Ran smiled.

"You're so dumb…" Zhu Lingling loved the ring.

She put it on her middle finger, and it fit perfectly...

"Your guess on ring size is pretty accurate, you must've gotten lucky," Zhu Lingling fiercely said.

"It wasn't a guess! I measured it with a string when you were asleep." Gao Ran looked innocent.

Zhu Lingling immediately felt warmness in her heart.

After all, the outwardly heartless workaholic police officer actually paid attention to detail.

"Where are the flowers? There are no flowers." Zhu Lingling purposely tried to find faults.

"Flowers? I have flowers, just you wait…"

After speaking, she saw Gao Ran pull out a grocery bag from the back seat.

He produced a small bag from it and handed it over.

Zhu Lingling was dumbfounded when she saw what it was...

"Flower cakes?"

"Yeah… I thought that flowers were impractical and a waste, flower cakes are made from flowers anyways and you can even eat them… Haha, it's killing two birds with one stone."

Zhu Lingling was rendered speechless...

Having lived for so long, she had literally never seen someone use a flower cake to substitute for fresh flowers at a marriage proposal.

Then, he heard Zhu Lingling lamentingly say, "If you can use flower cakes to replace flowers, can't I just get you some sweetheart cake as a wife?"

Gao Ran couldn't speak...

"But the diamond is real!"

Zhu Lingling burst out smiling when she saw Gao Ran's innocent expression...

"So, will the gentle, beautiful, kind, unique, special Miss Zhu Lingling marry me?"

Gao Ran didn't know how to be romantic, and originally he wanted to propose while they were getting intimate at home when the mood was right.

However, he found the mood to be just right when they were making out in the car.

So, he just proposed in the car instead...

He waited for Zhu Lingling to say yes. Then, they could register tomorrow and bid adieu to their single life.