Chapter 1263: Reconciliation of the Century 4

Huo Mian cleared her throat and began her story in a serious tone. "A man got into an accident during one of his adventures in the sea. His pet pig and pet dog drifted with him to an unknown deserted island. In desperation, the man had to make a living here. Every day, he would eat wild fruits and grilled fish, and he would go to the spring water on the island. Overall, he had a pretty chill time, but as time went on, it was inevitable for physiological needs to arise."

After Huo Mian finished her first part of the story, Wei Liao couldn't help but laugh for a brief second before Jiang Xiaowei secretly stomped on his foot, finding him a little embarrassing.

Huo Mian continued, "And then, after he had another one of his many wet dreams, he finally couldn't take it anymore. After rolling over in the middle of the night, he took a look at the pet dog and pet pig that were sound asleep. After careful consideration, he decided to lay his hands on the pig first. After all, the pig was female, and the dog was male…"

"HAHAHA…" It was Gao Ran's first time hearing Huo Mian telling an 18+ joke, and he couldn't help but burst into laughter right away.

"Why you laughing, she didn't even finish yet. Can you calm your balls?" Zhu Lingling glared at Gao Ran.

Master Qin was still very calmly drinking the wine in his glass, enjoying a great time as his beloved wife told her joke.

Huo Mian scanned around and continued, "That guy finally decided to get it on with his pet pig and tried to rape it. However, just before he could succeed, his pet dog jumped at him and bit his butt. The man was furious as he got up and tried to chase the dog, but the dog got away. When he turned around to check on the pig, the pig also got away. Just like that, a month passed, and under his pet dog's sabotaging, he never once succeeded. At last, he was exhausted as he laid on the beach. At this moment, he began complaining to God why the misfortunes were all happening to him. Unexpectedly, in just three seconds, a completely naked beautiful lady appeared in front of him. The beautiful lady said, 'Hello Handsome, I was sent here by God. He sympathized with the tragedy that happened to you so he sent me down here to fulfill all the needs you may have. You can let me know your wish.' After pondering for three seconds, the man shyly asked, 'Big Sis, can you help me catch the pig?'"

After Huo Mian finished, everyone was dying of laughter…

Gao Ran's stomach was even hurting from laughing too much. He looked towards Qin Chu and said, "Your wife is too… Too talented…"

"Hahahaha, first time hearing you tell an 18+ joke, too funny!" Jiang Xiaowei almost laughed out tears.

Qin Chu adoringly looked at Huo Mian, his face was like he was smiling.

It turned out that his wife also had this ability? To be able to tell 18+ jokes?

Alright, it seemed like they would have a good time when they get home tonight.

Then, everyone all collectively looked towards Zhu Lingling, noticing that she was almost about to laugh but was trying very hard not to.

In the end, she didn't.

But, just by the looks of it, she had a pretty hard time keeping it in…

"Hey, come on, you are not even going to laugh at my joke just for a couple of thousand yuan?" Speechless, Huo Mian also put in a thousand yuan into the basket in the middle.

"It's not about the money, but I have to beat you all at least once. Otherwise, you guys will think I'm a good-for-nothing that doesn't have any skills…" Zhu Lingling yelled.

"In fact, I just like your silly look of not having any skills… pretty cute," Gao Ran laughed and said. 

Zhu Lingling: "Screw you!"

"Very well very well, we all lost, it's all up to you now, let's see if you can make us laugh~" Huo Mian smiled at Zhu Lingling mysteriously.

"You will see." Zhu Lingling was super confident.

"I have a feeling, my Lingling's about to surprise us all," Gao Ran also said, anticipating.

Huo Mian: "Same feeling."

Jiang Xiaowei: "Me too."

"Alright, everyone quiet, I'm going to use my ultimate, everyone, listen carefully." Then, Zhu Lingling got up from her seat and stood in the open area inside the VIP room.

"Oh? Looks like the joke also comes with actions?" Wei Liao stroked his chin and guessed.