Chapter 1262: Reconciliation of the Century 3

Jiang Xiaowei cleared her throat and said in a serious tone, "An American man, a French man, and a Chinese man were walking in the desert. They were exhausted, starving, and thirsty. As they walked, they picked up a bottle that happened to contain a genie. He said, 'I am a genie and can fulfill three wishes for each of you.' The American man liked capitalizing on the situation and said, 'First, I want a lot of money. Second, I would like more money. Third, I want to go back to America.' The genie nodded his head, waved his hand, and sent the American man home with his money. The French Man said, 'First, I want a lot of hot chicks. Second, I would like even more hot chicks. Third, I want to go back to France.' With a wave of the genie's hand, the French Man was sent back to France with his women. Lastly, the Chinese man said, 'My first wish is to have a bottle of baijiu.' (TL Note: Chinese equivalent of Vodka) The genie fulfilled his wish, and after the man finished drinking the first bottle, he said, 'My second wish is to have another bottle.' The genie fulfilled his wish again, and after he finished the second bottle, the genie asked, 'What is your third wish?' After some thought, he said, 'I miss those two buddies of mine, get them back here.' With a wave of the genie's hand, the American man and French man were back to where they started."

After Jiang Xiaowei finished, everyone laughed...

They didn't howl with laughter, but it was quite interesting. Again, Zhu Lingling was the only one who didn't laugh.

Jiang Xiaowei continued to say, "Chill, I'm not done yet. The three people continued walking in the desert and quickly they found another bottle. Another genie came out and said, 'I was the other genie's brother, and since I'm not as strong as he is, I can only fulfill two wishes per person.' The American and French men schemed and decided to let the Chinese man go first. After some thought, he said, 'Give me a bottle of baijiu." After drinking it, the genie asked for his second wish, to which he replied, 'I'm out of wishes, you can go back now.' The French man and the American man were stunned since the genie left before they could say their wish…"

Huo Mian held on to Qin Chu's neck as she laughed her head off...

Wei Liao laughed while recording her.

Gao Ran was entertained too and said, "Dr. Jiang, that's good. I'm gonna tell my colleagues that joke later."

Everyone looked at Zhu Lingling, who still didn't laugh at all...

Jiang Xiaowei felt like she lost her face and she immediately said, "I'm not done yet. The three kept walking and found another bottle. A genie said, 'I am the disciple of those two genies, and since I'm not as strong as them, I can only fulfill one wish.' Right when the genie finished, both the American and French man said, 'Send the Chinese guy home.'

So, the Chinese man got home safely, the genie left, and the American and French men stayed in the desert forever."

Jiang Xiaowei finished her three-part story… It was pretty epic.

However, Zhu Lingling didn't laugh...

"Lingling, don't you think it's funny?" Gao Ran was dumbfounded.

"No, pay up, Dr. Jiang." Zhu Lingling gestured.

Admiring Zhu Lingling's will, Jiang Xiaowei took out a thousand yuan, placed the money into the basket, and said, "Zhu Lingling, I respect you."

At last, everyone put their hopes on Huo Mian...

Feeling the anticipation, Huo Mian pouted and said, "Don't look at me like that, my stress is going up."

"We believe in you." Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

"I don't even believe in myself, I laugh at everything." Huo Mian was a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, you're the only one who can compete with Zhu Lingling now. I believe in you." Wei Liao thought that Huo Mian could beat Zhu Lingling's weirdness with her intellect.

So, Huo Mian nodded and told her most classic joke to an eager audience.