Chapter 126: Enemy

"Qin Chu, don't go too far," frowning, Huo Mian warned him.

"What? Are you embarrassed? It's fine, I'm not." He did not wait for Huo Mian to reply after speaking and suddenly stepped on the brakes. He parked the car by the side of the street and smoothly pushed Huo Mian down.

Qin Chu was very dominant with the kiss, stripping Huo Mian breathless.

After a while, someone knocked on the car window...

Qin Chu impatiently rolled down the window to see a traffic policeman standing beside the car with a ticket in his hand.

"You can't park here, the violation fine is two hundred yuan."

However, Qin Chu took out a few hundred yuan bills and said, "Here you go, you can keep driving."

The traffic policeman held the money, not knowing what to do...

Were all rich people capricious like that? Making the traffic police write tickets while they enjoy intimate moments in the car?

"Qin Chu, get up, you're suffocating me." Huo Mian forcefully pushed him away.

"Ha, you can be on top next time."

"Perv." Huo Mian blushed as she sat up and hurriedly fixed her messy hair.

Qin Chu elegantly wiped the corners of his mouth and drove away.

The traffic cop held the money and stood in the wind, bewildered...

Qin Chu finally drove to a seafood restaurant.

He knew that Huo Mian loved seafood and purposely chose that restaurant.

Seven years ago, they often ate seafood together.

However, Huo Mian did not know that Qin Chu had a sensitive stomach and his enteritidis relapsed whenever he consumed seafood.

Even then, he ate seafood with her without saying a word.

The two ordered a table full of Huo Mian's favorite dishes.

"This is too luxurious!" Huo Mian exclaimed.

"Eat up, you don't have to pay this time." Qin Chu pursed his lips.

"I didn't mean it like that, I feel like it would be wasteful if we don't finish."

"Then finish it."

"Are you for real?" Huo Mian felt like it was impossible to converse with Qin Chu at times. It was unknown as to what kind of messes were contained within the guy's brain. Sometimes, his replies were enough to really piss people off.

The seafood restaurant was very famous in C city and had a high-class environment.

One meal would cost at least tens of thousands of yuan, so there were only a few patrons, mostly rich people.

Huo Mian never imagined that she would encounter Huo Siqian at this place. The saying, 'enemies are bound to meet' was really true.

"Hi, little sister." He always initiated their meetings with a smile.

Huo Siqian embraced a hot curvy girl who was clearly not the person he was with at the hospital last time.

One thing Huo Mian knew about Huo Siqian's private life was that he was promiscuous. He frequently switched partners and often appeared on the headlines of entertainment newspapers.

The paparazzi had already dug up everything about the Four Princes of C City...

Huo Siqian also didn't think that he would encounter Huo Mian here. Most importantly, the person beside Huo Mian… was that Qin Chu?

"I would never have thought that I would see you two together again." Huo Siqian laughed.

Qin Chu did not even raise his head, only coldly replying, "You should be honored to be able to see something like this in your life."

"How surprising, does this count as reigniting old love?" Huo Siqian's smile was complicated.

Huo Mian raised her head too and impolitely said, "How is that any of your business?"

"As your brother, naturally I care about my sister's life. I've been preparing for father's birthday feast. Will you be there?"

"What joke is that? What does his birthday have to do with me?"

"Father will be disappointed to know how heartless you are."

"He won't be. Huo Yanyan is enough for him. He won't care that I'm heartless."

"No, ever since our last meeting, father has asked a lot about you. It's obvious that he wants you back."

"That's impossible, he shouldn't even think about it," Huo Mian firmly said.

"It seems like now that you have someone powerful on your side, you don't care about the Huo family anymore. But Mian, are you sure Qin Chu can keep you safe for a lifetime? He wouldn't leave you and the country as he did seven years ago?"

Upon hearing this sentence, the colors of Qin Chu and Huo Mian's faces changed at the same time.