Chapter 1259: A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession 10

"Ahem… Lingling, calm down, you should really think before you speak." Gao Ran immediately stopped Zhu Lingling, who rolled her eyes at him.

"What's wrong with my suggestion?"

"Are you sure you want to play an IQ-testing game with Huo Miannnnnnnnnn and Dr. Jianggggggg?" Gao Ran drew their names out on purpose, while Wei Liao and Qin Chu smiled without saying anything…

"So what if I am?" Zhu Lingling was arrogant as could be.

"Then aren't you just throwing crap at a fan? It's okay that we're not smart, but… we have to know our place! I would never do self-abusing things!"

"Sure, if you don't agree… then you have to move out of my apartment tonight."

Gao Ran looked like he was about to cry. "You can't threaten people like that…"

Zhu Lingling was not cute at all when she was being unreasonable.

"Wait, you guys are living together?" Huo Mian covered her mouth and laughed.

"Hey, you didn't even invite us over for a housewarming, I thought we were friends!" Jiang Xiaowei also added fuel to the flames.

Only then did Zhu Lingling realize that she said the wrong thing, and Gao Ran covered his forehead and sighed, "I'm not scared of a God-like opponent, but I am scared of a pig-like teammate…"

"What did you just say?" Zhu Lingling raised her voice.

Gao Ran almost jumped from fear upon hearing Zhu Lingling's voice. He then sat up and said, "I said, Lingling, you're right, we should definitely play an IQ-testing game. Worst comes to worst, we'll take the last and second-to-last places, right?"

Zhu Lingling didn't know how to respond to this; were they really going to lose that badly? She didn't believe it.

"Hey, high IQ freaks, do you have the guts to play?" Zhu Lingling looked at Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian provokingly.

"I'm down," Huo Mian replied calmly.

"So am I," Jiang Xiaowei said domineeringly.

Zhu Lingling put her hands on her waist and glanced at Qin Chu and Wei Liao. "What about the two of you?"

"I'll listen to my wife…" Wei Liao said as he put his arm around Xiaowei, while Qin Chu pinched Huo Mian's cheek. "Mian calls the shots."

At this, Gao Ran looked at the two of them with disdain. "Wife-slaves are the worst…"

Then, he grinned cheekily at Zhu Lingling, "We'll do whatever makes you happy, sweetie."

Qin Chu and Wei Liao were at a loss for words…

Mr. Qin retorted, "So, you're a wife-slave as well. You're the pot and we're the kettle, and you're calling us black."

Gao Ran, on the other hand, boldly objected, "Come on, we're not the same."

"How so?" Wei Liao asked, not sure what Gao Ran meant, and the latter laughed ostentatiously. "They're your wives, but Lingling's just my girlfriend… that's the difference!"

"So what you're saying is, we're sleeping with our wives legally, but you're shacking up illegally? You're a member of the people's police, how can you knowingly break the law? Shame on you!" Wei Liao laughed, and Qin Chu chimed in, "Yeah, what's the number of the Municipal Bureau? I'd like to report illegal activity."

Gao Ran: "Ahem… guys, have some more to eat and drink, let's enjoy ourselves…"

In the end, he jumped into the hole he originally dug for other people, but no one was surprised since he had done it more than once.

Zhu Lingling was still enthusiastic. "Are we playing or not?"

"Of course we are, we'd never rain on your parade!" Huo Mian laughed.

"Yeah, of course, we are willing to sacrifice ourselves to make you happy, girl," Jiang Xiaowei said as played with her phone.

"Having high IQ doesn't make you unbeatable. Let me tell you, this game is really hard, having high IQ alone isn't going to cut it…" Zhu Lingling said confidently.