Chapter 125: Mucking About

"It was on my way," Qin Chu said after quickly glancing at Huo Mian. 

Therefore, Huo Mian didn't say anything else and got into the passenger seat of his car. 

A full night of exhaustion had worn her out, so after getting in the car, she closed her eyes to rest for a while.

Qin Chu didn't say anything. Instead, he turned the audio system on. 

A melodious tune filled the car, which Huo Mian identified to be a song from their younger years… 

"Because I dreamt of you leaving, I woke up in tears. 

Watching the night wind blow past the window, can you feel my love? 

When we get old, will you still be by my side? 

Watch as those lies and oaths, dissipate with our past. 

So many people once envied your looks during youth, but no one wants to bear the heartless changes of aging. 

How many people have passed by you in life, but knowing that I have you, I've always stayed by your side."

Huo Mian had originally planned on taking a nap, but upon hearing this song, she immediately felt awake. 

Although she was born in the 1990s, she didn't know many celebrities and only enjoyed listening to a few old songs, especially ones that reminded her of high school. 

She used to have a USB that contained all her favorite songs. 

But when she moved out in a hurry, Qin Chu didn't let her bring anything, and thus she lost it, which she still regretted to this day. 

In that USB, the first song was this melancholic "A life with You". 

It was a pleasant surprise for her to hear this song in Qin Chu's car. 

But upon hearing that the next song was "When love approaches" by Rene Liu, her calmness disappeared. 

Opening her eyes, she asked, "Your playlist is the same as the one I had before, what a coincidence." 

"I found this USB in the old apartment you used to live in." 

"Oh…." Huo Mian was shocked after hearing what Qin Chu said. 

"So, you took my USB? You didn't even tell me? Do you know how rude that is?" Huo Mian was choked with anger. 

"I'm just using something that belongs to me, how is that rude?" Qin Chu replied. 

"Oh please, this is mine, okay?" Huo Mian shot back. 

"We're husband and wife, we share everything. What's yours is mine," Qin Chu announced domineeringly. 

Huo Mian felt a little suffocated and retorted, "In that case, half of the GK corporation is also mine, so I'm a billionaire! Even if I just sit at home and do nothing all day." 

"That's right," Qin Chu replied faintly since he never really cared about financial assets anyways. 

That's why he hadn't even bothered to get a prenup, especially with Huo Mian. He was willing to give her anything. 

Seeing Qin Chu reply so calmly, Huo Mian lost her will to bicker with him and sighed… 

"Qin Chu, don't make your employees take any more night shifts, that's not normal for white-collars, it's ridiculous." 

"Is this what you wanted to talk about?" Qin Chu raised an eyebrow, clearly upset. 

"Yeah, I unintentionally heard what you did while I was eating in the cafeteria. GK has so many employees, do you know how many people are affected by this decision? I don't want that! You're not a kid, you can't be so immature, so hurry up and change it back." 


Qin Chu replied so quickly that he made Huo Mian suspicious of how easy this talk went.

Then he added, "But you have to kiss me." 

"Oh please, those are your employees. What do they have to do with me?" Huo Mian was speechless. 

"Yeah, those people at GK are my employees, but I'm your husband. If you make me happy, then I'll change their schedules back." 

Seeing Qin Chu acting like a scoundrel, even Huo Mian ran out of ideas and speedily planted a half-hearted kiss on his cheek. 

"There, now make the call."

"I didn't ask you to kiss my cheek, who gave you the right to do that?" Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian in a baffled manner. 

"Qin… Chu, you jerk," Huo Mian hissed through her teeth.

"Kiss me again, this time on the lips," Qin Chu commanded domineeringly.