Chapter 124: I Do What I Want

"Are you there?" 

"I'm here," Qin Chu replied within seconds. 

"I heard… your company's employees are all pulling night shifts for the next week." 




"Because night shifts are good." Qin Chu's reply was undeniably suspicious. 

What kind of answer was that? Huo Mian was certain that GK's sudden night shifts definitely had something to do with her. 


This wasn't because she was narcissistic, it was just too much of a coincidence that whenever she had a night shift, so did everyone at GK. 

"I get off work at 8 AM tomorrow morning." 

"What a coincidence, I get off work tomorrow morning at eight as well," Qin Chu replied. 

Huo Mian was so angry that she wasn't sure whether she should laugh or cry... 

Coincidence, what coincidence was this? He was clearly following her work schedule, okay? 

"Are you coming home after work tomorrow morning?" 



"Then let's talk then, I have some things to tell you." 


After sending the Wechat message, Huo Mian sighed… and she lost her appetite. 

If her need to work night shifts led to the misery of the entire GK corporation, then wouldn't she be considered a big sinner? 


Buddhist sutras would definitely consider this as a sin… When she dies, would she have to go to hell? 

At that thought, Huo Mian felt cold, and shuddered… 

"Mian, why aren't you eating?" 

"I'm full." 

"You ate so little, you have no appetite, and you look so pale... are you pregnant? When we return to the clinic, we should get you an ultrasound," Huang Yue said cheekily. 

"An ultrasound my ass. What pregnancy, maybe I was just lusting about romance." Huo Mian tapped her chopsticks on her friend's head. 

After spending so much time with Huang Yue, Huo Mian realized that she was a silly, sweet girl… 

Huang Yue was still young, her heart was pure, and she hadn't yet been corrupted by society. 

Other than working at the hospital, she spent the majority of her days submerged in romantic Korean dramas. Truth be told, Huo Mian was quite envious of Huang Yue a lot of the times. 


At least her life was simple. She was careless, like a child...

After working through the night, she was finally able to go home. Huo Mian had to take care of an expecting mother all night. 

The pregnant woman had already reached her due date, and the baby was to arrive any day now. 


Word was that she had married into a wealthy family, and her mother-in-law and husband demanded that she give birth naturally, claiming that a C-section was bad for the baby. 

But after looking at the data, Huo Mian discovered that it was highly unlikely for this expecting mother to give birth naturally. 

First off, the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped twice around its neck, which was extremely dangerous and may cause the baby to suffocate at birth. 

The other reason was that the pregnant woman had extremely high blood pressure, and her urology report came back with two extra positives. 

This was a sign of gestational hypertension, and during the ultrasound, the gynecologist had said that the infant was estimated to be between 4.5 to 5.1 kg. 

With such a heavy weight, it would be incredibly difficult and dangerous if she were to give birth naturally. 

The pregnant woman had a thin frame; although she was close to her due date, she weighed less than 60 kg. 

What made Huo Mian most anxious was that the woman was only 2 centimeters dilated and was in constant pain, yet the baby just wouldn't come out. 

The pregnant woman's mother kept crying, trying to convince her to have a C-section, since it was safer. 

But the pregnant woman insisted on a natural birth because her mother-in-law and husband would not be pleased if she didn't. 

After toughing it out for a night, the pregnant woman was still unable to give birth in the morning. She was in so much pain that her face was pale, with cold sweat continuously running down her body. 

Huo Mian felt so sympathetic towards her…

"Huo Mian, your shift's over, leave the pregnant woman to me," the nurse who was taking over her shift said. 

"Linlin, watch over her condition. If there's any danger, immediately call for Dr. Wu to help deliver her baby. Her situation is very complicated, so be careful not to cause any delays." 

"Relax, I know." 

Worried, Huo Mian left work but was surprised by the honking of a horn just as she stepped out of the hospital. 

She raised her head immediately and saw that Qin Chu was already there waiting in that inconspicuous white CC.

"Why are you here?" Huo Mian was surprised. They had agreed to meet at home, but he had come to wait for her at the hospital entrance instead.