Chapter 1231: I Envy You, Very Much 2

"Mrs. Qin, the news isn't true, I'm not dating him. He set me up."

"He set you up?"

"Yeah, Huo Siqian is Huo Mian's brother, so I think she must've said something to him for him to set me up like that…"

"That's not possible. Mian isn't someone who likes to stir up trouble, and she's not even that close with Huo Siqian. From what I know, Mian gave up all the stocks she had at the Huo Corporation, so your allegations aren't grounded."

It was obvious Mrs. Qin didn't believe what Song Yishi said…

"Mrs. Qin, Huo Mian isn't as simple as you think she is."

"Yeah, well, you're not as simple as I thought you were either," Mrs. Qin looked into Song Yishi's eyes as she said, word for word.

"Mrs. Qin…?" Song Yishi was surprised that Mrs. Qin would talk to her like that.

"Yishi, I used to like you very much. You're a fine young woman who used to live with us, so I saw you as my own daughter. In good conscience, when you were living with us, I treated you the same as Qin Chu, and I wasn't unfair to you at all because you weren't my own. After you went abroad and your father was promoted, he helped our family quite a bit, so to me, we're old family friends with you and your parents."

"You're right." Song Yishi nodded.

"It's true that in the past I wanted you to be Qin Chu's wife. After all, our families are more compatible and you're a good girl. Later, however, I realized that love can't be forced. Sure, I like you, but Qin Chu doesn't, which makes your feelings towards him pointless. I've also realized that although Huo Mian isn't from a good family, everything else about her is great, so I don't want to make her life miserable anymore. So, if you truly think of our family as your own, please stop defaming Huo Mian… I understand that you're jealous, but if you keep doing what you do, you'll never find happiness. You're still young, so why would you put yourself through that, am I right?"

Mrs. Qin didn't say one curse word, but Song Yishi's face turned blood-red from embarrassment; she felt like digging herself a hole and climbing into it…

"Mrs. Qin, I'm not targeting Huo Mian nor am I jealous of her. I just think Qin Chu treats her so much better than she treats him, it doesn't seem fair…" Song Yishi tried to explain herself, but Mrs. Qin said, "In love and relationships, there's no such thing as fairness. I married my husband more than two decades ago and have been bullying him since day one. Does that mean he should divorce me?"

Song Yishi was speechless…

Mrs. Qin was quick-witted enough to silence Song Yishi with a few words.

"Moreover, only they get to decide whether their relationship is fair. Neither you nor I should get involved, right?"

"Right." Song Yishi nodded unwillingly, and Mrs. Qin continued, "Yishi, you're not a little kid anymore. Qin Chu's been married for so long, you should let him go… You're still young and one day, and you'll have a family of your own. I hope you can be less impulsive in the future."

"You're right, Mrs. Qin." Song Yishi forced a smile onto her face.

Upon seeing that she couldn't make any breakthroughs with Mrs. Qin, Song Yishi was unwilling to waste any more time sucking up to her. After hastily saying goodbye, she left the Qin Manor in a fury.

"Stupid old hag, I can't believe you would lecture me. Who the hell do you think you are!" Utterly discomfited, Song Yishi furiously slammed her steering wheel.

Her life had been sucky ever since that car accident, she felt like she was constantly walking with a pile of crap on her shoe…

She blamed her misfortunes on Huo Mian and believed that if it weren't for the latter, she wouldn't be so unlucky.

Song Yishi was one of those people who never reflected on her mistakes.

Therefore, whenever something unfortunate happened, she always sought blame in others.

- South Side Recuperation Center -

After a busy morning, Huo Mian was just about to head downstairs for lunch when Song Yishi barged into her office. "Huo Mian, let's talk."