Chapter 1230: I Envy You, Very Much 1

Mayor Song quietly listened to what she said…

"Dad, can you ask someone at the police station to arrest him? Drugging me and kidnapping me is a crime… Right, we can also say that he raped me, what do you think?"

Over the past few days, Song Yishi racked her brain, thinking of ways to teach Huo Siqian a lesson. After all, her dad was C City's mayor and that had to count for something.

"Yishi, things aren't as easy as you think they are… If he was just an ordinary man, I might be able to do it, but he's Huo Siqian. I had someone look into him while I was in Jing City and apparently, he's extremely powerful and is closely tied with many government officials. He's very deeply rooted in the city, so we can't arrest him as we wish without solid evidence."

"He's just an ordinary entrepreneur, is he really that powerful?"

"An ordinary entrepreneur? Who told you that?" Mayor Song coldly glanced at his daughter.

Song Yishi was dumbfounded. "Isn't he?"

"Of course he isn't. He's a complicated man who also has close ties with even foreign forces… All in all, we can't touch him."

"Then what should we do now? News of me and him are all over the place, I don't want my scandal to affect you."

After being silent for a while, Mayor Song finally came to a decision. "Marry him."

"Dad… are you out of your mind?" Song Yishi immediately imploded.

"I'm not, you're the one who's out of your mind. That's the best option right now, we have to save our reputation. You have no other choice…"

"Dad, I don't want to marry him… I have half a heart to kill him right now."

"Consider it as a stopgap. After you get married, we'll think of an excuse for you to get divorced down the road… But the most important thing right now is to marry him, or else rumors alone are going to crush us."

"Dad, but…"

Song Yishi wanted to protest, but Mayor Song's next remarks stuffed a sock in her mouth. "No buts. If you still care about me and our family's reputation, you have to listen to me. Hold a press conference tomorrow and admit that you're dating him. If Huo Siqian wants to marry you, then you'll let him."

Upon hearing her father's final decision, Song Yishi's heart fell to the bottom of a ditch.

She thought her dad would be able to save her after he came back to C City. But, to her surprise, he wanted her to marry Huo Siqian! How could she not be furious?

That afternoon, Song Yishi drove to the Qin Manor to see Mrs. Qin, whom she hadn't seen in a while.

"Mrs. Qin, I've missed you," Song Yishi said as she hugged Mrs. Qin, who didn't seem too happy to see her, nor did she hug her back.

After their awkward hug, Mrs. Qin asked faintly, "What brought you here?"

"I missed you too much. Where's Mr. Qin?"

"He's out playing golf with friends."

"Oh…" Song Yishi then glanced around the room as if she were looking for something. "Mrs. Qin, has Qin Chu been back recently?"

"No, he's been busy."

"Perhaps Huo Mian doesn't want him to come back. Huo Mian's vengeful, she's probably still unhappy with the way you used to treat her."

"She's a good girl, she would never do that. We already talked things out," Mrs. Qin immediately objected, leaving Song Yishi feeling a little awkward.

Therefore, she decided to change the subject, "Mrs. Qin, have you seen the news?"

"Oh, you're talking about your relationship with Huo Siqian, right? I wanted to talk to you about him. He's a good kid, although he's only Huo Zhenghai's foster son, he controls the Huo Corporation. Plus, he's good looking, so from what I see, your parents will definitely agree to you dating him. You shouldn't have revealed your relationship with him through the news. It's so embarrassing for your dad…" Mrs. Qin said with a slight lecturing tone in her voice.