Chapter 123: The Night Shift

"Eh… Mr. Liu, that… I'm terribly sorry, I can't accept your offer." Huo Mian had only wanted to teach a lesson to Lin Mingyu, this pretentious guy who looked down on those with lesser education. 


She never thought that he would end up falling for her and ask her to be his girlfriend. 

"Why not? We're very compatible, are we not? With your knowledge in forensics, we would have a lot to talk about, and after we get married, I can even send you to study in the United States. Once you become a doctor, with your talent, you'd have no problem in becoming an ophthalmologist or neurosurgeon. It's totally possible! You're still so young so you should have dreams like these, no?" 

"You're mistaken, my dream is just to be a nurse. Ha, right now I am very happy with where I'm at. I don't want to study abroad, nor do I want to become a doctor." 

"Why not?" Lin Mingyu asked for the second time. 

"Everyone walks a different path, and no one has the right to decide someone else's path. I'm very thankful that you think so highly of me, but those things are not what I want. As for being your girlfriend, I must apologize, but I've come today to explain that I'm already taken; I have a boyfriend. The head nurse didn't give me the chance to explain my situation to her and ended up with the misunderstanding. I am sorry for all the inconvenience that I caused, but I don't want to lie to anyone, so I am telling you everything." 

"You have a boyfriend already?" Lin Mingyu was slightly disappointed. 

"Yes, the head nurse thought that I was still upset over my previous breakup, so she introduced us to each other out of the goodness of her heart, but I already have a boyfriend. He's my high school classmate, someone I've known for many years, and we have an excellent relationship." 

"Nothing is set in stone before marriage, so don't make any conclusions so quickly." Lin Mingyu was unwilling to give up yet. 

Huo Mian smiled with her lips pressed into a line… 

"I was a bit too forward with my words just now, even showing off in front of you, a forensics expert, of what little knowledge I know. I want to apologize, and please don't take my words too seriously." 

"No, I'm the one that must apologize. Your words today shocked me and altered the way I see things. I'll never use a person's educational background to judge them in the future." Lin Mingyu felt great respect towards Huo Mian. 

"If that's true, then that's great. I hope that things will go well for your job and life in the future." Huo Mian got up to leave. 


"Huo Mian, can we be friends?" Lin Mingyu suddenly asked from behind. 

Huo Mian didn't say anything or even turn around. She only raised her right index and middle fingers to make a peace sign. 

Lin Mingyu smiled… This was the most special blind date he had been on in all these years. 

After returning to the hospital, the head nurse immediately dragged Huo Mian into her office and quietly asked, "What do you think? How was my cousin?" 


"So are you guys together now?" the head nurse asked anxiously. 


"Um… No, sorry, Head Nurse, we're not suitable for each other." 

The head nurse was mildly disappointed, "No worries, if there are any other good ones in the future, I'll introduce you." 

"No, it's fine. I already have a boyfriend, Head Nurse." 

"Already? Who is it?" 

"Um… my high school classmate." 

"You kids, really. Why do you all like to look back and date your high school and middle school classmates, is there a point?" the head nurse lamented. 

Huo Mian just smiled… 

That night, while eating dinner at the hospital cafeteria, Huo Mian and Huang Yue were in the middle of a conversation when a female doctor talking nearby caught Huo Mian's attention. 

She said, "GK's new President is crazy. He announced today that for the following week, everyone will take the days off and work at night! What a weirdo! Now my boyfriend has to work night shifts all week. I finally didn't have to work night shifts this week, but I can't believe our schedules switched." 

"Huh? What a weirdo. This is the first time I've heard of a company that works at night. Does the president think his employees are plants, why do they have to work only at night? That sounds like torture."

Hearing all this, Huo Mian felt unsettled. Qin Chu's orders... they didn't have anything to do with her, right?

With that thought, she took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Qin Chu.