Chapter 1229: A Conspiracy Wedding 10

Without fail, Huo Siqian's interview pushed their scandal to the height of public attention.

Two days later, Song Yishi was quietly sitting in the backseat her family's Audi A8 with her sunglasses on as she went to pick Mayor Song up at the airport.

She tried to be lowkey and thought she wouldn't be seen, but the paparazzi swarmed up to her like bees in front of honey as soon as she arrived.

"Miss Song, have you and Mr. Huo Siqian announced your relationship?"

"Miss Song, is it true that you once tried to intervene in President Qin and Mrs. Qin's marriage?"

"Miss Song, what do you think of Mr. Huo Siqian's interview the other night?"

"Miss Song, is Mr. Huo the most outstanding out of all your suitors? Does this mean Mayor Song is going to support the Huo Corporation?"

"Miss Song, since you are good friends with Huo Mian, did she introduce you to Huo Siqian?"

"Have you decided on a date? Will your wedding be held in China?"

"After marriage, will you work at the Huo Corporation? Are you going to keep running your art school?"

"Did Mayor Song agree to your marriage with Huo Siqian? Can you provide us with some more details?"

"Rumor has it that you and Huo Siqian didn't know each other well. Was it a drunken mistake? After all, you're both grownups."

"Did you and President Huo have a one-night stand?"

"Does Mayor Song worry about how casual your personal life is?"

As smart as she was, Song Yishi still became confused and felt helpless in front of the non-stop question bombs the reporters threw her.

With a grim expression on her face, her bodyguard led her straight to the VIP lounge inside the airport.

After going in, she took off her sunglasses and threw them onto the coffee table in front of her.

"Miss Song, your coffee."

"Take it away, I'm not thirsty," Song Yishi spat angrily.

Huo Siqian ruined everything. Initially, Song Yishi was going to reveal some dirty secrets about Huo Mian.

She even had a plan in place and was about to implement the first step when Huo Siqian screwed her over…

Song Yishi was certain that one, Huo Siqian framed her not because he liked her and two, he wanted to marry her not because of her father's power and status.

She felt like Huo Mian had a lot to do with what happened…

Did those scumbags, Huo Mian and Huo Siqian, collude to frame her? It seemed plausible.

"Huo Siqian, Huo Mian… you little bitches… everyone in your family should die. One day, I'm going to rid of everyone in C City with the last name 'Huo'. You people disgust me," Song Yishi clenched her fists and muttered to herself with determination.

Twenty minutes later, Mayor Song walked out of the VIP tunnel, and Song Yishi immediately ran up to him. "Daddy…"

"Let's talk in the car."

Mayor Song's expression was stern; he had been working for the government his entire life and barely worried about anything. He was going to retire in a few years and therefore was angry that something of this magnitude happened…

If he wasn't stuck in Jing City, things wouldn't have gone so far.

Mayor Song glanced at his daughter on their Audi A8 and asked, "What happened?"

"Dad… Huo Siqian lied. He framed me, you know?"

"Why would he frame you?"

"How should I know? I think a part of him wants to take advantage of your status and powers, and the other part of him… I guess there's another reason, but… nothing happened between us. Do you know how despicable he is? He drugged me and dragged me to a hotel, I didn't even know that it was a trap until I woke up the next day. It was my fault for not being careful enough… I never thought Huo Siqian would be brave enough to target me. I think he wants to die. Dad, you can't let him off so easily…"

Song Yishi blabbed on and on about what happened…