Chapter 1228: A Conspiracy Wedding 9

"I'm not sure…" Qin Chu thought about it carefully before answering,

"Hey, let's not think about it too much, what do they have to do with us? Huo Siqian liking B*tch Song is his problem, what's that saying again? The b*tch and dog make the perfect couple, right? Although Huo Siqian isn't a dog, Song Yishi is a b*tch, yup, so they're perfect for each other," Zhu Lingling laughed as she analyzed the situation, leaving Huo Mian and Qin Chu speechless.

Gao Ran protested, "Lingling, watch your language, you shouldn't be so crude. After all, you're the girlfriend of a member of the people's police."

Zhu Lingling, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at him before retorting, "So what if I'm your girlfriend, I still have freedom of speech! If she doesn't want others to call her a b*tch, then she shouldn't do b*tchy things."

"Guys, let's not talk about this here. I'm hungry, can we eat?" Huo Mian almost drooled as she watched the boiling hot pot in front of her…

She had been working hard all afternoon and barely ate anything at lunch, so she was famished.

"Your appetite has been growing. What's going on, do you have a Qin Chu Junior growing inside your belly?"

"Qin Chu Junior my ass! I'm starving, let's eat!" Huo Mian was flabbergasted by Gao Ran's question.

"Seriously, are you pregnant?" Zhu Lingling had been hoping for Huo Mian to get pregnant, so she was almost as worried as the woman-in-question…

"I'm really not, girl, my period just came…"

Gao Ran was immediately embarrassed by Huo Mian's answer and quickly changed the subject, "Ahem… um, do you guys have Chinese New Year plans? Are you going on vacation?"

"No, we're going to stay home and spend time with Mian's mom," Qin Chu said nonchalantly, while Zhu Lingling, Qin Chu's biggest fan, gave him a thumbs up. "You're a good son-in-law, being extra-attentive towards Mian's mother since you know Zhixin's not home…"

The four of them chit-chatted all through dinner…

- Inside the Song family mansion -

News of Huo Siqian and Song Yishi attracted so much attention that it felt like a big drama series.

Every media outlet reported on it and Mrs. Song was surrounded by reporters as soon as she left the house.

Terrified, Song Yishi didn't even have the guts to leave her house that entire afternoon.

She originally wanted to put things off until Mayor Song came back to C City, but that night, Huo Siqian single-mindedly revealed their 'relationship' during his interview with a financial channel, pissing Song Yishi off to no end…

Not a lot of people usually watched this financial program, but since Huo Siqian and Song Yishi's scandal was such a hot topic, that show received the highest viewership out of all the other shows that aired at the same time.

After arriving at home and turning on their TV, Huo Mian saw his interview as well.

This was supposed to be a stock-market program but towards the end, the MC suddenly asked Huo Siqian, "President Huo, since your personal life is such a hot topic these days, I was wondering if you could reveal to us your relationship with Miss Song Yishi."

Huo Siqian smiled before answering, "Yishi is very pretty, I've always admired her."

"Woah…" The audience below began ohh-ing and ahh-ing.

His reply made their relationship seem more real than ever…

"So, are the photos real?" the MC asked.

"Yes, they are, but it's not what you think. We partied until pretty late last night and went to rest at a hotel room since we both had a lot to drink. However, nothing happened between us," Huo Siqian said on purpose, in an attempt to add fuel to the fire.

Who would believe that a pair of grownups didn't do anything but sleep inside a five-star hotel room?

Good at manipulating words, Huo Siqian basically confirmed their relationship.

The fact was, they really didn't do anything last night.

After drugging Song Yishi, Huo Siqian took her clothes off and threw her onto the bed.

Then, he played on his phone for a couple of hours before falling asleep on the couch for a while.

He was a playboy, but he was also picky and wouldn't just sleep with any women.

He was disgusted by Song Yishi's face, so even if she wanted to sleep with him, he wouldn't.

Song Yishi was so angry after watching his interview that her hands shook. "Huo Siqian, from now on, you are my ultimate enemy and I will never forgive you… I'm going to pay you back for framing me like this!"