Chapter 1225: A Conspiracy Wedding 6

"Haha, I knew it was real! Even Dr. Jiang sent her regards!"

"Yeah, I never thought Goddess Song would fall for President Huo. I heard he's a playboy."

"Woah, it seems like Xiaowei knows what's going on…"

"Isn't President Huo dating Mo Xue'er? Why did he end up with Song Yishi? The rich circle sure is messy."

"Don't talk about Xue'er, you idiot." Mo Xue'er's fans went crazy and began shooting malicious comments at haters.

"I think they're going to announce their relationship soon!"

Then, countless fans began commenting under Song Yishi's Weibo…

Her last post was a selfie of herself while she was partying at Seductive Fox the night before.

She uploaded a photo of herself and another of a glass of wine, along with the following sentence: "I've recovered and was discharged from the hospital! A big thanks to everyone that was worried about me!"

Her fans commented under this upload.

"Goddess, are you really dating President Huo?"

"Yishi, why would you choose Huo Siqian? He's such a playboy and his reputation sucks!"

"Goddess Song, something's going on with Huo Siqian and Mo Xue'er, you need to be careful."

"Goddess, does that mean I don't have a chance anymore? Sob."

"Goddess, when will we get to eat your wedding candy? Congratulations, you're finally in a couple! We believe in your taste in men."

"No one knows what's happening right now, can you people all just calm down? Yishi didn't even admit to anything yet, nothing's for certain!"

"Didn't Dr. Jiang confirm their relationship? She even tagged Shi. I bet it's at least 80 or 90% true."

"Yeah, President Huo and Shi are both single, he's handsome and she's beautiful. They're a great couple!"

"Either way, I wish you all the best and will support you in all your decisions! I love you, Yishi!"

"Yishi, can you upload another selfie? You're so pretty and look really natural, unlike the bitches who underwent plastic surgery."

"Yishi, you and President Qin would be great together, too bad he's married. It's such a shame, I always thought you guys were a couple."

Song Yishi almost erupted like a volcano upon refreshing her Weibo thread…

Things were already screwed up as they were, and now Jiang Xiaowei decided to add insult to injury! Song Yishi was furious, but she couldn't come out and explain herself right now, since she wasn't sure if Huo Siqian had any more scandals about her that he could reveal.

Therefore, she had no choice but to suck it up for the time being.

After the break out of their scandal, there was one other person who paid close attention to subsequent developments – Mo Xue'er.

Yes, she was pregnant and yes, it was Huo Siqian's baby.

To her surprise, however, a scandal between Huo Siqian and Song Yishi broke out at an important time like this.

It seemed like using her pregnancy to force Huo Siqian into marrying her was going to be next to impossible now.

- Huo Corporation Headquarters -

Mo Xue'er strutted into the company with high heels and a dark-brown cashmere jacket.

She had the aura of a princess; in addition, she was pretty, rich, and famous. Too bad Huo Siqian never wanted to marry her.


"Why are you here?" Huo Siqian looked up and asked.

"I'm here to congratulate you for choosing a good wife for yourself… Song Yishi's a good choice, look who her dad is."

Huo Siqian could immediately sense the sarcasm and ridicule in Mo Xue'er's tone, but he didn't care about what she said or thought since he never had to explain his decisions to anyone. "If you're here to make fun of me, go for it. I'm going back to work."

Huo Siqian's indifferent response infuriated Mo Xue'er even more…

She stomped up to him, snatched the documents from Huo Siqian's hand and threw them off to the side. Then, she demanded, "Huo Siqian, are you for real this time? Are you really choosing Song Yishi?"