Chapter 1222: A Conspiracy Wedding 3

Originally, Song Yishi wanted to sue Huo Siqian for rape since she was drugged last night.

However, after the initial fury, she calmed down and realized that doing so wouldn't work.

Setting everything else aside, her father's reputation would be ruined if a scandal like that broke out. He might even be forced into early retirement.

Plus, she was a socialite, so if others found out that she had been drugged and raped, no one would ever marry her.

Then, she would never have a chance with Qin Chu…

Clearly, reputation was incredibly important – if what happened got out, it would become the #1 scandal of C City.

People were going to laugh at her, the mayor's daughter, for being drugged and raped.

Perhaps Huo Siqian knew that she would be too chicken to call the police, that was why he was so sure that he could get away with it.

Unwilling to give up, Song Yishi called Huo Siqian again.

"Yishi, baby, I'm in a meeting," he purposely called her 'baby' in front of the board members.

"Huo Siqian, if you just want to use my dad's influence to help expand your empire, why don't you just tell me what you want? I'll ask my dad to help you, but you have to issue a statement with me, saying that we were framed and the photos were photoshopped."

"Yishi, are you kidding? The photos are real, how could they have been photoshopped?" Huo Siqian laughed.

"Huo Siqian, are you going to leave no room for negotiation?"

"Of course not, we can get married."

"F*ck you, I would never f*cking marry you, you f*cking asshole…"

Song Yishi never swore like that in her entire life, but this time, Huo Siqian had forced her into a dead end.

She seriously wanted to cut him up into pieces…

Faced with Song Yishi's curses, Huo Siqian smiled. "Stop it, baby, I'm in a meeting… I'll see you later."

Those who didn't know the truth all thought that Song Yishi and Huo Siqian were dating…

Even their friends from last night thought they had drunk sex and ended up together.

Song Yishi's phone quickly exploded with messages from reporters, friends, and even irrelevant individuals; she felt like she was going insane with all the attention…

Suddenly, she thought of someone who might be able to help her.

- GK Headquarters -

"Miss Song, the president is in a meeting."

"It's fine, I'll wait here."

"Um…" Yang disliked Song Yishi because although she knew the president was married, she still tried to steal him from the Young Madam. Most importantly, she often stirred up trouble and bullied Huo Mian. Thank goodness the Young Madam was a magnanimous woman who never took her nonsense to heart.

Sometimes, Yang also wondered if the Young Madam was tired from shielding her husband from women like Jiang Linyue and Song Yishi, who wanted to get into Qin Chu's pants.

She even had to be careful of that countryside cousin of hers.

Little did Yang know that the president's life was more tiring than Huo Mian's.

He had to shield his wife from Su Yu, Huo Siqian, and even a famous TV celebrity from out of town.

He was constantly worried about his wife… and rarely had peace of mind.

Therefore, living at the top of the pyramid was equally tiring for both men and women.

Song Yishi was determined to see Qin Chu and waited outside his office for 40 minutes. Towards lunch, Qin Chu came out of his executive meeting and saw Song Yishi sitting outside his office.

"Qin Chu… you're back." Song Yishi immediately stood up.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, turned around to look at Yang, his expression near-murderous…

"Sir, um… I tried to talk to Miss Song, but she won't go. She said there was something urgent she needed to talk to you about," Yang said innocently.