Chapter 1220: A Conspiracy Wedding 1

Song Yishi wrapped herself in the blanket, curled up in bed, and didn't want to raise her head…

She never expected that she would be played by Huo Siqian…

Huo Siqian walked up to her. "Miss Song, you need to face the reality…"

Upon hearing this, Song Yishi jumped up and tried to slap Huo Siqian on the face…

However, her wrist was caught tightly by Huo Siqian…

"Considering it's your first time, I'll forgive your rudeness… But don't do that again. I don't like rude women."

Then, Huo Siqian domineeringly pushed Song Yishi back onto the bed…

"Why did you do this?" Song Yishi tightly curled her hand into a fist and glared at Huo Siqian. She wished to smash him to pieces.

She felt that she was humiliated like never before…

"What's there to explain, I was horny, of course," Huo Siqian lit up a cigarette and said nonchalantly.

"You son of a bitch. Last night you said you were going to discuss some plan with me."

"If I didn't say that, how would I have gotten you into my car?" Huo Siqian smiled.

A rage of fire rose from Song Yishi's heart. "Why did you have to do this? I've never offended you!"

"Listen to yourself. All we did was have sex… Why would you think that you offended me? Miss Song, you've got great looks and are from a prominent family. Men are always chasing after you, and I've been adoring you for a long time. My methods are just a little more direct."

"You bastard… How could you do this to me! Aren't you afraid that I will tell my dad and that he will destroy you?"

Song Yishi pointed at Huo Siqian and threatened him…

"Tell him, I'm ready..." Huo Siqian shrugged, looking like he didn't give a flying f*ck.

"I'm going to tell my dad that you drugged and raped me. This is rape, do you know that?"

"Go ahead, you better discuss it with your dad and consider marrying me."

"What kind of nonsense are you talking about? Who's going to marry you? Take a good look at yourself. You are just an adopted son, a bastard child! Why would I marry you? Keep dreaming… Anyways… just wait to be arrested."

Afterward, Song Yishi hurriedly grabbed her clothes and put them on. Then she pushed the door open and left in a rush…

She felt like it was a dream after she walked out of the hotel…

Huo Siqian didn't seem like he was interested in her, so why would he do something like that

Wasn't he afraid of offending her dad?

He sure had some balls…

Song Yishi hauled a taxi and went back to her family mansion.

Mrs. Song was quite surprised to see her like that. "Yishi, what's going on? why didn't you come home last night, did something happen?"

Mrs. Song was worried to see her daughter come home all disheveled.

"Mom, I'm gonna go upstairs to shower and change. Let's talk later."

Song Yishi forced herself to calm down. She went upstairs, had a quick shower, and changed into some clean clothes.

She carefully went through what happened last night… The more she thought about it, the more it felt like a trap...

Huo Siqian deliberately proposed to work with her and lied to her, so she would get into his car. Then, he drugged her.

At first, she had her guard up and didn't even drink the water Huo Siqian gave her.

But later on, she still smelled something strange and quickly lost consciousness.

Huo Siqian brought her to the hotel and when she woke up… This morning happened.

Therefore, it was never Huo Siqian's intentions to deal with Huo Mian.

He was just using her enemy as a bait...

But what was his purpose? To have sex with her?

The weird thing was, Song Yishi didn't feel any discomfort. She didn't feel like she had been raped. She would know if she had been assaulted, right?

But it didn't make any sense. If he didn't assault her, what was the purpose of taking her to the hotel for the night?

At this thought, Song Yishi quickly ran down the stairs…

"Yishi…" Mrs. Song walked up to her, but Song Yishi cut her off, "Mom, I'm going out for a bit, I'll talk to you later."