Chapter 122: Dumbfounded

Lin Mingyu smiled and laughed mockingly. Then, he rested his chin on both of his hands as he stared into Huo Mian's eyes and said, "You know of the work forensic officers do, right? Foremost, we conduct chemical and biological tests on specific extracted materials. Second, we conduct clinical medicine tests, which utilizes clinical knowledge to inspect and detect the biology of a given matter and its pathology. This allows us to resolve the responsibilities in medical incidents, to prevent the spread of viruses in biohazard situations, so on and so forth. There are three main categories of investigation methods during this process, based on chemistry, biology, and physics. Which techniques does each of these categories include? Of course, you don't have to name all of them. I'll let you pass even if you only mention a few notable ones." 

Lin Mingyu thought that as soon as he asked this question, Huo Mian would not know what to say, because it was too specific for an average nurse.

However, after Huo Mian listened carefully, she looked at him and replied, "The chemical investigation techniques includes deploying chemical analytic approaches for the regulated testing of poison, which would include the testing of poison inside vomit or excretions. Chemical methods can detect whether there is blood and, along with biological methods, one could use mutations and polymorphisms in DNA, human composition, and DNA sequencing technology to identify the victim."

At this point, Lin Mingyu was slightly shocked, as he would never have expected that this little nurse would know so much. 

Then, Huo Mian continued, "The biological investigation methods are quite interesting. They use immunoserology to categorize blood and semen stains, as well as other liquids, bones, fur, hair, or other bodily excretions of individuals or animals. It utilizes micro-biological studies, theories, and techniques to study bacteria and pathology, which includes a detailed investigation of the age, gender, and ethnicity of the corpse." 

"Not bad," Lin Mingyu nodded and intentionally acted very calmly to suppress his shock deep down. 

Huo Mian looked at him, "As for the last category. Physics research is also the method that I'm most interested in. It utilizes instruments to test the firmness and density of skin and bones. It conducts a test that mimics the act of damaging, which employs X-Ray technology, and, through this, it predicts the age of the bones and identifies foreign matter inside the body. It uses gas chromatography, ultraviolet light, infrared photometry, mass-spectrometry, magnetic resonance technology, nMRI, and so forth to analyze the amount of poison and drugs within collected materials. It uses light spectrum analyzes, electrophoresis assays, and microscopy to conduct physical evidence testing in forensics. That's it, I've finished."

"You're… completely correct." The way Lin Mingyu looked at Huo Mian had now completely changed. 

He was no longer prideful like before. Instead, he was somewhat shocked, or even dumbfounded. 

"The… medical school you studied at taught nurses these concepts?" asked Lin Mingyu without much conviction. 

"Of course not. I learned these myself outside of school. I'm very interested in medicine. Aside from forensics, I'm also familiar with neurosurgery and ophthalmology. I've read many books regarding these subjects and think human anatomy is truly a very interesting subject. Of course, if one is able to understand human anatomy, one could cure all kinds of diseases to prolong life. That, I think, is the most glorious discovery of human beings to this day."

"You… have truly shocked me." Lin Mingyu no longer hid his admiration for Huo Mian.

Lin Mingyu had always been proud of his talents, and because of that, he's been very pretentious on every date he had gone to. Now that a little intern nurse had defeated him, he couldn't help but realize how anything could be possible. 

"It's nothing, just sparked by own interest." Huo Mian smiled faintly. 

"It's truly a pity that you're only a nurse. I need an assistant at the public security bureau. If you're interested, you could fill out a form and take a test in three months. If you pass, you would successfully become an employee there. My cousin said you were a genius when she spoke of you before, but I didn't think too much of it back then. I even thought that she was exaggerating, but now it seems that you're truly quite something. I have faith in you." 

In all seriousness, Lin Mingyu suddenly turned this date into a job interview. 

Huo Mian didn't know if she should laugh or cry. 

"It's not necessary, uhm… I like my job, there's nothing wrong with being a nurse." 


Lin Mingyu didn't expect Huo Mian to reject his invitation right away. He was offering her a rare opportunity after all.

"Since you're not interested in being my assistant, then be my girlfriend. After all these dates, I finally met someone who is my type. That's right, Huo Mian, it's you. I've got my eyes set on you," Lin Mingyu pointed at Huo Mian and solemnly announced.