Chapter 1216: The #1 Scandal in C City 7

"She's very well, she's living very well… Her brain wasn't wasted, and she's a doctor now, a very awesome doctor." The young girl smiled.

"That's good…" The old man's tone was heavy.

"Dad, when can we be reunited with her? I can't wait any longer…"

"Now is not the time. You must not act foolishly; if you don't want to kill her, then you can't go back. You can't enter the country either, there are too many people watching you… It's too risky…"

"But… I'm doing this for…" Before she could finish her words, the old man furiously hung up the phone…

The young girl pouted her lips and threw her phone onto the beach.

She then took out a work ID that had taken her a lot of effort to steal and gently stroked it…

Then, she repeated a name slowly, "Attending physician, Neurology Department.… Huo Mian… Huo Mian."

Her eyes were so gentle as she said Huo Mian's name.

Ever since Song Yishi went to race against Huo Mian with Song Yixuan, she had been hospitalized at the First Hospital.

She should be receiving treatment at South Side for her conditions, but she disliked Huo Mian too much to go there.

Furthermore, she promised Huo Mian that she would stay away from her if they lost.

Thus, she could only suppress her temper and stay at the First Hospital.

Song Yishi did not suffer any major problems other than her nose bridge.

When the car fell, she was facing down and hit the bridge of her nose.

If her nose was real, it would only be a minor fracture.

But she had had plastic surgery on her nose in the past and got many injections to make it stand up like that.

Her nose was ruined after it was hit…

Song Yishi was so mad that she had been ignoring Song Yixuan for the past few days. Song Yixuan dared not appear before her cousin either.

She had been hiding away from Song Yishi ever since she was discharged from the hospital.

Inside the patient room, the medical staff unwrapped the white bandages on her face.

The Song Family had paid for Song Yishi to undergo a second nose restoration surgery.

It not only required many imported injections, they also invited famous plastic surgeons from Jing City to operate on her daughter. Mayor Song truly doted on his daughter.

Song Yishi turned left and right to look at her restored nose in the mirror.

"Yishi… what do you think?" Mrs. Song tentatively asked her daughter.

"It's average." Song Yishi didn't seem to be satisfied.

"I think you look even prettier than before. Look, your nose is so full, tall and straight. It's even more beautiful than before…"

Mrs. Song comforted her daughter…

"It looks the same to me…"

"Alright, alright, as long as you are okay. You scared me so much. Why were you hanging out with Xuan? How am I going to live if something happens to you?"

"Don't mention that crazy girl to me… I almost died because of her, I bet she regretted what she did too…"

Song Yishi's expression became dark at the thought of her cousin.

"She was also terrified and was almost scolded to death by your uncle… Let's be more careful with driving in the future, drive slowly."

"Mom… does the Qin Family know about my hospitalization?"

"I think so, I mentioned it to Qin Chu's mother on WeChat."

"But… why did no one from his family come and visit me?" Song Yishi asked.

"Qin Chu's mother said that she was abroad. I don't think Qin Chu… knows about it..."

"Mum, then give him a phone call and tell him I'm hospitalized."

"Yishi, is that necessary?"

Mrs. Song did not understand her daughter's actions. What was the point of calling Qin Chu and letting him know that she was at the hospital?

"Yes it is, I want him to feel bad. I want him to know that the reason I'm like this is because of his wife. If it was not for Huo Mian, who forced me to ride in the shotgun seat of Yixuan's car, nothing would've happened to me. That woman has evil intentions, she's afraid that I will steal Qin Chu away from her… She has the heart of a snake."

"But… will Qin Chu believe what you say?"

Mrs. Song was worried…