Chapter 1214: The #1 Scandal in C City 5

"I know." Huo Siqian looked a little cynical and didn't seem to think it was important.

"The baby's yours, right?"

"She told you?" Huo Siqian narrowed his eyes and looked at Huo Mian.

"You have to answer me first."

"Yes, so what?" Huo Siqian asked.

"Mo Xu'er told me that she wants to have the baby. Of course, it would be the best of both worlds if you married her."

"Marry her? Is she crazy? Ha…" Huo Siqian's smile was very cold.

Before Huo Mian could speak…

Huo Siqian sat up straight and leaned closer to Huo Mian before saying, "Mian, this is just a game between adults. It's not about love. Before I got together with Mo Xue'er, I told her that I would never marry her. We got together for our own needs. All these years, I've spent quite a fortune helping her become famous. This is a good arrangement, right? I won't interfere if she wants to marry anyone either."

"But you have to handle her pregnancy properly too, right? After all, she's the victim. Shouldn't you provide her with an explanation?" Huo Mian believed that an accidental pregnancy must have been because the man was too selfish. If he didn't want a baby, he should've used a condom. It was trashy behavior to not wear one for his own pleasure and refuse to take up the responsibility for his actions.

After her question, Huo Siqian sneered again…

"You think she's the victim? You're saying a woman who deliberately set me up to impregnate herself and used all kinds of methods to force me into marrying her is a victim? That is the biggest joke I've heard."

"She's forcing you to marry her? What do you mean by 'set you up'?" Huo Mian quickly asked when she heard that there was more to the story.

"I always wear condoms when I sleep with her, so how can she be pregnant? It must be because she tampered with the condom."

Huo Mian felt speechless...

"Then she started to play the victim card and said she's not looking for status, but at the same time, leaked this information to the media and went looking for you about it. How can someone like her be the victim?"

Huo Mian was still at a loss for words...

"Mian, you are smart, I don't have to explain too much to you. Mo Xue'er is not a victim. She never was, and she is not as pitiful as you think. I told you to stay away from her, you shouldn't be tricked by her. How should I say this? She is quite scary. Even Song Yishi wouldn't be a match for her, so don't meddle in our matters. Trust me when I say that the water here is dirty… Good girl, okay?"


Huo Mian wanted to say something else but she was interrupted by Huo Siqian…

"Server, please bring her a fruit salad."

"I don't understand, if you are single, why don't you just marry her? She's a good girl, or at least as good as those socialites. Are you looking for a marriage alliance between families? Is that why you would rather ask her to get an abortion than to give her a home?"

"Mian, I already knew who I wanted my wife to be since many years ago, and it's not Mo Xue'er."

Huo Siqian said very seriously, enunciating every word…

Huo Mian was dazed for a moment…

At this moment, a few women walked in…

Their voices were familiar, Huo Mian looked back inadvertently and saw that it was Song Yixuan and her girlfriends.

Song Yixuan had just walked a few steps in when she saw Huo Mian… Her expression instantly turned awkward.

"Yixuan, what's the matter?

"I suddenly don't feel like having coffee here, let's go."

After speaking, Song Yixuan turned away and left…

She really fulfilled her promise and stayed away from Huo Mian.

"Mian, I heard that you won the car race against the Song cousins?" Huo Siqian suddenly asked.