Chapter 1212: The #1 Scandal in C City 3

"Huo Mian, can we talk?" Mo Xue'er smiled.

"Sure, but I'm at work right now…"

"I won't waste too much of your time," Mo Xue'er emphasized.

"Okay then." Huo Mian finally nodded; upon realizing that the chief knew this woman, Chen Jie sensibly left and closed the door behind them.

Mo Xue'er sat down on the chair across from Huo Mian; she looked a little tired, and her face was pale…

"Would you like some water?"

"No thanks." Then, Mo Xue'er smiled bitterly before asking, "Should I call you Young Madam or Huo Mian?"

"Whatever sounds more natural to you, I'm fine with either."

"Then I'll just continue calling you Huo Mian…"

Huo Mian nodded…

After a few seconds of silence, Mo Xue'er looked up and said to her, enunciating each word, "I'm pregnant."

"What?" Huo Mian was extremely surprised.

Mo Xue'er was single and unmarried; how did she get pregnant?

After the initial shock, Huo Mian immediately came back to her senses and asked, "Is it Huo Siqian's baby?"

Mo Xue'er nodded.

"Um…" Huo Mian didn't know what to say; Mo Xue'er and Huo Siqian never publicly announced that they were dating, so the pregnancy was indeed a shock to her.

"Does he know?"


"Did you guys discuss it? Are you keeping the baby?" Huo Mian asked calmly.

Mo Xue'er took a deep breath in and looked at Huo Mian. "That's why I'm here. Huo Siqian… wants me to have an abortion. I'm sure you know that we're just friends with benefits… Haha, but I don't want an abortion, I love him, so I want to keep our baby. I don't care if he doesn't marry me, I just want us to have a baby together."

"Then you should have it. It's in your belly, you get to choose what to do."

Mo Xue'er smiled bitterly. "That's impossible. You saying that just proves how little you know Huo Siqian. He will never agree to it."

"Then what can I help you with?" Huo Mian asked; Mo Xue'er would never come looking for her at South Side for no good reason. She must need her for something.

Mo Xue'er was silent for a while. Then, a little emotional, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Huo Mian's wrists. "Huo Mian, please, I beg of you, please help me convince Huo Siqian… he really adores you, I'm sure he'll listen to you!"

"Me? I don't think so, you've really overestimated me… Huo Siqian and I are just using each other to our benefits…"

"Can't you at least try? Please take pity on me and my child… I beg of you, Huo Mian, please…"

Mo Xue'er said as tears trickled down her face, immediately softening up Huo Mian's heart…

She felt bad for Mo Xue'er – the latter was pregnant with a baby whom its father didn't want. Now, he was forcing her to get an abortion.

"Xue'er, don't be like that…"

"I have no other options left, Huo Mian. I know we're not even friends, but I don't know what else to do but come beg you. Huo Siqian is so cold-blooded, he won't listen to anyone. Please talk to him, tell him that as long as he lets me have this child, I'm willing to leave the entertainment industry to be a good mother. He doesn't even have to marry me."

"Um… this is actually a private matter between the two of you, I don't really have the right to interfere…"

"But you're his favorite sister…"

"I'm not actually his sister, you know we're not related," Huo Mian said, feeling a little awkward.

"Huo Mian…" Mo Xue'er looked at Huo Mian with her tear-stained face, touching the softest part of Huo Mian's heart.

She had been trying so hard to get pregnant but still, nothing.

Mo Xue'er, on the other hand, may be unmarried and pregnant, but she was also a superstar. It would be so easy for a woman of her money and status to raise a child.

"Xue'er, stop crying first, I'll help you."