Chapter 1211: The #1 Scandal in C City 2

South Side Recuperation Center -

Huo Mian sat in her office in a daze as she held her phone by her ear…

She knew that Su Yu was leaving C City for a month; Jiang Xiaowei told her about it earlier today.

She thought Su Yu would send her a Weibo message or something, but he didn't.

What surprised her even more was that even a passerby like Tang Chuan couldn't take it anymore and called her to ask her to go say goodbye to Su Yu at the airport…

But would her appearance make a difference?

Of course, it wouldn't…

First, if Huo Mian went to see Su Yu off, Mr. Qin might not be jealous, but he was definitely going to feel uncomfortable. Plus, Su Yu was only leaving for a month, it wasn't like he was never coming back again.

Second, she never liked Su Yu, so if she went, he would still have a glimmer of hope left. Instead of keeping him on a leash, she would much rather stop his agony right then and there.

Third, although she and Su Yu were friends, they really weren't that close.

There was no point in making a big deal and going all the way to the airport just to send him off…

Therefore, after careful consideration, Huo Mian decided to be the bad guy.

She knew that Tang Chuan, and maybe even Xiaowei, may consider her heartless.

Su Yu had done so much for her, yet she wouldn't even go to the airport.

However, things weren't as simple as that…

She knew she owed Su Yu and would never take what he did in the past for granted.

However, she met Qin Chu first in this life, and he was the only one she will ever love.

Her heart was only big enough to contain Mr. Qin…

Moreover, she wasn't greedy – the heavens had given her such a good man, so she was going to treasure and love him for as long as she's alive.

She was willing to betray everyone on this earth, but she will never betray Qin Chu and his love.

Mr. Qin wasn't a man of many words, so most of the time he proved his love for her through his actions.

This man loved her so deeply ever since their teenage days. It was as if Huo Mian had been carved into his bones and blended into his blood…

When Qin Chu underwent heart surgery and Huo Mian had to live out her days in excruciating pain, she came to the realization that she was willing to die for him, so…

She didn't care what others thought of her – they could blame her, call her ungrateful, accuse her of burning bridges, or criticize her for being a bad friend.

Even then, she still wouldn't go to the airport to send Su Yu off.

However, from the bottom of Huo Mian's heart, she hoped that Su Yu would let go of his persistence for her, so he could welcome a new beginning in his life.

"Chief, someone just reserved a consultation with you, but you're not on the on-call list today, would you like to see the patient?" Chen Jie came rushing into her office, huffing, and puffing.

"Yes, I'm sure the patient's in the hurry to see a doctor, we can't hold them up." Huo Mian nodded calmly.

- Airport -

A young man in a military uniform walked up to Su Yu and saluted to him. "Young Master Su, the commander asked me to tell you that it's time to board the plane."

"Okay." Su Yu nodded.

His grandpa always took military planes when traveling; unlike regular private planes that rich people flew on, what was more important is that this one had combat capabilities, and it was very powerful.

In addition, numerous high-level officers were going with his grandpa down south this time, so a lot of bodyguards went along.

As the commander's grandson, Su Yu was just one of many relatives that tagged along…

"Don't you want to wait a while longer? Maybe she'll come," Tang Chuan asked, feeling bad.

"No, she's not going to come." Su Yu knew his place in Huo Mian's heart, so he never had his hopes up.

Before boarding, Su Yu turned around to look into the empty tunnel; she really didn't come…

"Yu, come back soon!" Tang Chuan waved his hands at Su Yu, reluctant to see him go.

Su Yu, wearing a simple backpack, turned around with a smile before boarding the plane.

That afternoon, Huo Mian was reading documents in her office when a woman in sunglasses and a mask barged in…

"I'm sorry, Miss, you can't go in, the Chief isn't seeing any more patients this afternoon..." Chen Jie tried to stop her, but she couldn't.

Huo Mian looked up; before she could say anything, however, the woman took off her mask and sunglasses.

Upon seeing Mo Xue'er, Huo Mian froze for a second.