Chapter 1210: The #1 Scandal in C City 1

"What happened to him?" Huo Mian anxiously asked, thinking that something had happened to Su Yu.

"He's leaving the city for a while, and his flight's at 1:20 PM… I thought he would go see you before he left."

"Leaving the city? To go where?"

Huo Mian was surprised; Su Yu rarely left C City for a long time. Even if he went abroad for vacation, he would be back in a week at most.

"He's going down south with his grandpa for a military inspection… He'll be gone for at least a month…"

"What about his company?"

"Imperial Star will be fine, he can give orders over the phone. Plus, the vice president is someone from his family, so it's not going to be a problem."

"Oh, I see."

"So he didn't go looking for you?"

"No." Huo Mian shook her head, and Jiang Xiaowei asked doubtfully, "He didn't call you either?"


"Maybe he let you go, who knows? Wei Liao was the one who told me that he was leaving… Apparently, it was a sudden decision."

"It is sudden."

After hanging up, Huo Mian didn't think too much about it, since she had nothing to do with Su Yu leaving the city.

Therefore, she picked up the patient information her assistant prepared for her and began reading them…

The truth was, Su Yu did come to South Side this morning, but he didn't see Huo Mian around. Only after asking her assistant did he find out that she had taken the morning off, so he had no choice but to leave in disappointment…

Soon, there was only one hour left before his 1:20 PM flight.

- Inside the Airport VIP Lounge -

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you go to the South China Sea all of a sudden, for an entire month at that? Are you crazy?" Tang Chuan was extremely unsatisfied since he wouldn't have anyone to hang out with if Su Yu left.

"My grandpa's old and sometimes even the lieutenants under him can't feel him out anymore. If I go with him, at least I can keep him company and take care of him."

"Are you sure you're not leaving to avoid Huo Mian?"

"Why would I do that?" Su Yu smiled helplessly.

"You want to see if you can forget her and let go of her by leaving the city for a month."

"You make it sound like you know me really well…" Su Yu laughed, and Tang Chuan demanded, "Do you have the guts to deny it?"

"If you think that's the case, then so be it. But if I can really let go of her by being away for a month, then yeah, I don't mind being freed."

These days, Su Yu often lived in agony – the more in love he was with Huo Mian, the less carefree he lived his life...

Especially after hearing that Huo Mian risked her own life to go racing…

If Huo Mian were his, he would immediately carry her upstairs and hit her buttocks until they turned purple. He would teach her a good lesson, so she wouldn't act so fearlessly again.

But, she wasn't his, and he had no right to discipline her. The only man who could was Qin Chu…

For Huo Mian, it had always been Qin Chu…

Every time that thought crossed Su Yu's mind, he would feel endless misery...

After Huo Mian left the Mongolian restaurant last night, he was left in a foul mood and drank quite a bit of baijiu.

In the end, he became stinking drunk – he threw up, drank some more, and then threw up again.

Jiang Xiaowei was shocked speechless by his actions; she never knew how much Su Yu loved Huo Mian until last night.

He loved her so much that he chose to suffer in silence.

After a drunk Su Yu stumbled back to his family mansion, he must've said something to his mom and grandpa. He didn't remember what he said, but as soon as he woke up this morning, his grandpa announced that Su Yu had to go down south with him.

Perhaps, his grandpa didn't want to see his grandson in so much pain, so he decided that the latter should do some traveling and experience life in the army.

Truth be told, Su Yu didn't want to go. To him, a life of not being able to see Huo Mian for a month wasn't worth living.

"You don't plan on seeing her before you leave?" Tang Chuan asked, and Su Yu looked down with a heavy heart. "Forget it…"

Exasperated, Tang Chuan picked up his own phone and dialed Huo Mian's number, "Huo Mian? This is Tang Chuan, can you come to see Yu off at the airport? Consider it as me begging you…"

Tang Chuan rarely spoke in such seriousness nor did he ever beg anymore like he was doing now.

On the end of the phone, she was flabbergasted and didn't know how to respond…

"You little brat, what are you doing? Hang up!" Su Yu didn't want to force Huo Mian into a corner, so he snatched Tang Chuan's phone away from him.

"There's still an hour left before your flight, I would very much like to know if she's going to come," Tang Chuan said as he glanced at Su Yu sympathetically.

Su Yu did so much for that woman; was she really not going to come and send him off?