Chapter 1206: Master Qin’s Punishment 7

By the look on Qin Chu's face, Huo Mian instantly knew that her ultimate weapon had worked perfectly; she was so happy that she felt like jumping up in joy#

Huo Mian reached out a finger and said, "Honey, it's late. We should go to bed#"

"You're completely right, my lady." Qin Chu stood up and went with the flow.

Then, he carried Huo Mian in his arms and walked straight into their spacious bedroom on the second floor#

Huo Mian was pleased with herself; if she had known how well the bikini thing worked, she would've used it a long time ago.

That way, she wouldn't have been so worried and almost scared herself sh*tless#

Her husband was too scary when he was mad#

Huo Mian was certain that Mr. Qin would be mesmerized by her seduction and would no longer get to the bottom of what happened with Song Yishi.

However, she overlooked one thing 每 Mr. Qin was amazingly good at digging holes for others to jump into.

Would he let Huo Mian off the hook so easily? Nope, because if he did, he wouldn't be Qin Chu.

- Inside their bedroom -

After placing Huo Mian onto the bed, Qin Chu didn't immediately climb on top of her.

Instead, he began unbuckling his belt#

Upon hearing clicking noises, Huo Mian shyly opened her eyes to sneak a peek.

She even thought that her husband had improved since he didn't need her to take his belt off anymore.

At the end of that thought, however, Huo Mian saw Qin Chu tie her hands up with the belt he had just removed#

"Um# Honey, you enjoy stuff like that?"

Huo Mian didn't know how to react# did Mr. Qin have an S&M fetish?

Why didn't she realize in the past how wild her husband was?

Sure enough, although humans had evolved into advanced animals, the testosterone in a man's body still excited him and reversed him back to his primal state.

Huo Mian was fine with playing along, as long as he stopped being mad at her.

After all, Qin Chu was her husband, not someone she didn't know#

Plus, Mr. Qin had always been gentle with her, so there was no way he was going to hurt her.

At that thought, Huo Mian opened her mouth feebly. "Honey, tying me up is enough, can we not use whips and candle wax? Ha, I don't think I can handle stuff like that."

Qin Chu narrowed his eyes as he looked at Huo Mian from atop her body. Then, he smiled seductively. "You can't handle it? Are you sure you want to keep playing the innocent little girl card? Why didn't you think about whether you could handle it when you were racing?"

"Honey# I'm sorry, you can kill me and skin me if you want# just forgive me." Huo Mian continued playing innocent, hoping to evoke Mr. Qin's sympathy#

"I don't want to kill you nor skin you, I just want to#" Qin Chu reached towards her bikini as his voice trailed off. Then, without using too much force, he pulled on her top, instantly ripping it into pieces#

He then proceeded to do the same thing to her bikini bottom#

Huo Mian's entire body was exposed before him.

Her body was pearly and smooth, as if she was just a college girl.

Huo Mian was a genius, but she was a complete idiot when it came to sex.

She was too shy and embarrassed, so she always acted like an ostrich, unwilling to pull away the covers until after the throws of passion#

Zhu Lingling yelled at her for being a good-for-nothing and even taught her some techniques.

However, she never found the courage to use them on Qin Chu#

She felt like today was the first and last time she would ever dress so provocatively and lure Mr. Qin into bed #

"Honey# please forgive me." Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with puppy-dog eyes, as if she had been wronged.

"Sure, I'll forgive you after tonight," Qin Chu said. Then, he immediately bent down, his hot kisses touching every inch of her body.

Their breathing became uneven as the room quickly filled with lust and desire.