Chapter 1204: Master Qin’s Punishment 5

"Qin Chu, I'm sorry for what happened with your wife. It was my oversight#"

Ever since Rick started dating, he had been with his little girlfriend 24/7.

The men he assigned to protect Huo Mian still did their jobs, but since things had been peaceful recently, he let his guard down.

As soon as Huo Mian's racing incident spread through their social circle, Rick immediately called Qin Chu up to apologize.

"Don't worry about it, it's not your fault. Mian is# good at giving people headaches," Qin Chu said, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

"Okay, call me if you need me."


After a brief conversation, the two men hung up the phone#

Then, Qin Chu received an insensible WeChat voice message from Gao Ran#

"Hey, Mr. Moneybags, let's go out for a drink!"

"How dare you ask me to go drinking with you. I haven't gotten back at you for withholding information yet."

"Um, haha, what are you talking about? I don't know what you're referring to," Gao Ran said, immediately feeling guilty.

"Yup, keep making things up#"

"I'm getting more confused by the second#" Gao Ran intentionally played dumb, hoping that Qin Chu would let him off the hook.

"In the past, I thought you and I were on the same side since we were good bros. But I've now realized that you've rebelled and joined the enemy camp ever since you climbed into Zhu Lingling's bed. How can you lie to me for Mian?"

"Um# I didn't, I wouldn't!"

"Still sticking to your guns? Good, then swear to me that if you were hiding something from me, you'll never be able to get it up again for the rest of your life!"

"Sh*t, don't be so mean!" Gao Ran jumped up from his chair furiously, but Qin Chu continued pushing him. "If you have the guts to swear, then I'll believe you."

"Hahaha, fine, you win, you're too scary# I shouldn't have lied for Huo Mian, but you're so omnipotent that I assumed you would've found out instantly anyways. You should really teach that girl a lesson, she has too many ideas in that head of hers."

"I was talking about you# Aren't you, a member of the people's police, supposed to have some dignity? How can you let two women bribe you?"

"No, I'm innocent# you have no idea how nerve-racking that wife of yours is. She# she said that if I told you what happened, she's going to tell Lingling that I went out with Lin Xuejiao behind her back. Do you have any idea how much Lingling trusts Huo Mian? Do you really think I would take that risk? I've been single for the better half of my life. I finally have a girlfriend, do you really have the heart to see me get dumped?"

Upon hearing what Gao Ran said, Qin Chu chuckled; he and Huo Mian were definitely from the same family. He was surprised that she had the guts to threaten and tame Gao Ran so swiftly. What a special woman.

"The matters between husband and wife should be dealt with in private, don't hurt bystanders like me. Have a good evening, goodbye!"

Then, Gao Ran began playing dead# He was determined not to say anything else, no matter how many more messages Qin Chu sent him.

Qin Chu looked down at his watch; he came upstairs 15 minutes ago. According to his predictions, Huo Mian will come up to apologize within 20 minutes.

By then# humph, he'll have a whole lot more waiting for her. Gao Ran was right about one thing 每 it was time for him to teach his little mustang a lesson, or else she was going to become an outlaw soon. If she had the guts to go racing this time, what was she going to do next time? Fly into the sky?

Downstairs, Huo Mian was racking her brain, trying to figure out how to woo Mr. Qin into forgiving her.

In the end, Huo Mian decided to utilize the biggest tricks up her sleeve, seduction and sex.

Twenty minutes later, Huo Mian decided to take the offense.

- Outside Qin Chu's study -

Huo Mian knocked gently, but Qin Chu didn't even look up from his stack of documents, so she just walked in. She had on sexy pink lingerie with laces along the hems.

Zhu Lingling bought this for her the last time they went shopping; she promised Huo Mian that Qin Chu would immediately fall head over heels over her upon seeing her in this.

It was half-see-through and was indeed extremely seductive#

'Honey#" Huo Mian coyishly called out, and Qin Chu felt his entire body melting.