Chapter 1202: Master Qin’s Punishment 3

"Huh? Of course not, am I such a brat?" Huo Mian coughed a couple of times to disguise her panic.

"Sir, what would you like for dinner? I'll ask the kitchen to begin preparing." Uncle Li walked over and took Qin Chu's jacket.

"A bowl of noodles is fine, I'm not craving anything." As soon as Qin Chu finished speaking, Huo Mian bolted into the kitchen.

"Honey, I will make it for you. Do you want the noodles spicy or regular?"
Qin Chu studied Huo Mian's face silently in contemplation.

"Hm, why are you looking at me like that?" Huo Mian asked again, her eyes darting left and right but not meeting his eyes.

"I think... you're hiding something from me."

"Psh, why would I do that? You're thinking too much, Honey. Have you become too stressed at work? I bet it's causing you to overthink. Don't worry, I will make some soup, it'll be good for you." Upon finishing, Huo Mian went back into the kitchen and didn't dare to come out.

Qin Chu showered and changed, and then sat in the living room, working on his laptop. During the night, most of the maids had gone to rest. Huo Mian had specifically asked Uncle Li to not mention her returning time to Qin Chu.

- Half an hour later -

Huo Mian brought out a bowl of steaming noodles and a bowl of Cassia seed soup.

Qin Chu ate the noodles with big bites. Regardless of what it tasted like, as long as it was made by Huo Mian, he would always happily eat it.

Huo Mian had both of her palms on her chin and elbows on the table as she silently watched Qin Chu eat, quietly drooling over Qin Chu's good looks. 

She subconsciously pressed her lips together, as if Qin Chu was a platter of food.

"Why are you looking at me like a pervert?" Qin Chu met Huo Mian's glance and asked.

"Because you look pretty handsome."

"Don't be in a hurry to kiss my ass. Let me ask you, where's your car?" Qin Chu didn't see Huo Mian's Audi R8 parked in the garage on his way back, and therefore wondered where it went.

This was a crucial question. It strung up Huo Mian's heart immediately.

"Um, the car, the car was sent for repair."

"What happened?" Qin Chu asked as he stuffed another bite of noodles into his mouth.

"Um# I had a collision on the way back, so I sent to the shop."

"Yeah? Who did you have a collision with?"

"Uh# two girls. They were probably new drivers and didn't know how to drive, so they rear-ended me," Huo Mian answered honestly.

"Okay, how much did they pay you?"

"It's not calculated yet. They are pretty well-off and said they would compensate me with the added repair fees."

"Where did the collision happen?"

"The overpass, of course," Huo Mian answered honestly. Everything she had said so far was the truth. After all, she did get rear-ended on the overpass by Song Yixuan.

"Why didn't you tell me something like this happened?"

"Hm? This is not a big deal, you're so busy every day, how could I possibly bother you with something as small as this?" Huo Mian smiled and put her hands under the table to hide the fact that they were shaking.

After Qin Chu finished the bowl of noodles, he put his chopsticks on the table and took out his phone, and said, "Something really weird happened today, Su Yu called me."

"Re-really?" Huo Mian's eyes darted around, feeling more guilty.

"Yeah. I think he wanted to tell me something, but in the end, he didn't say anything. What do you think he wanted to tell me?" Qin Chu slid over from his seat and studied Huo Mian's face up close and personal.

Huo Mian kept her eyes downcast, not meeting Qin Chu's eyes in fear that he would see right through her.

"Why would I know what Su Yu wants to tell you?" Huo Mian gave a nervous chuckle.

"I have a feeling he wanted to talk to me about you. So, Honey, can you tell me now, what happened today?" Qin Chu's voice sounded soft, but Huo Mian knew the more tender he sounded, the more she should be afraid. Qin Chu's current state was exactly the same as the calm before a crazy storm.

In the short amount of time between replies, Huo Mian contemplated in her mind 每 should she tell the truth and ask for forgiveness or stick it out till the end in denial?