Chapter 1201: Master Qin’s Punishment 2

Huo Mian had gotten too wild, she definitely needed to be taught a good lesson.

"No, don't! Please!" Huo Mian grabbed Su Yu's phone, her face pleading for mercy.

Su Yu didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. "Now you know to be afraid? What were you thinking when you were racing? Did you lose your mind?" he yelled back.

"I just wanted to give the Song cousins a little bit of a hard time!"

"Was it really worth it? They're trash!" Su Yu shot back.
Before Huo Mian could answer, a familiar voice appeared from the phone she was holding.


It turned out that Su Yu had punched in the number, but Huo Mian hit the dial button when she was grabbing the phone.

So, the voice that was coming out of Su Yu's phone had to be 每 Qin Chu.

Huo Mian broke out in cold sweat immediately. Silently, she did a shushing gesture to everyone and passed the phone over to Su Yu.

Su Yu was also a little nervous. He had only meant to scare Huo Mian and didn't actually want to call Qin Chu. But now, the arrow was shot out of the bow.

"Hello? What do you want?" Su Yu took the phone and asked with a hint of unnaturalness in his voice.

"You called me to ask me what I want from you?" Qin Chu answered.

Despite not having communicated with Su Yu over the phone, he knew who it was immediately. After all, none of their phone numbers was a secret within the social circle.

"Um. Well. I just wanted to ask if you've eaten already?"

"I don't think we are close enough to have casual conversations like this. Are you going crazy?" Qin Chu asked calmly.

"You know what, you're right. Goodbye!" Before Qin Chu could answer, Su Yu hung up.

Huo Mian, watching on the side, sighed with relief. Good thing Su Yu didn't tell anything to Qin Chu, or else Mr. Qin was going to give her a hard time when she got home.

A moment later, the waiter brought four pounds worth of roasted lamb leg to the table. Juicy fat sizzled around the meat and the whole turf was filled with the smell of deliciousness.

"I'm going to go now, you guys eat." Huo Mian was still a little worried, so she decided to leave.

"But you haven't eaten yet," Jiang Xiaowei said reluctantly; she didn't want Huo Mian to go just yet.

"We'll eat another day. Leave the bill for me, it's my treat. Enjoy!" Huo Mian grabbed her purse and left before anyone could react. She ran away with lightning speed.

"What is this# The one that was treating us just ran away," Tang Chuan laughed. 

"She's probably afraid that Qin Chu will find out about today. He will probably give her a hard time if he finds out that she went racing on Qiu Ming Mountain," Jiang Xiaowei said slowly, a pair of chopsticks still in her mouth as she just stuffed a piece of lamb meat in her mouth.
"Huo Mian looks like a girl next door, but really, she's a troublemaker," Tang Chuan commented.

"You need skills to be a troublemaker. Apparently, the Song cousins were half scared to death. The side they flipped off of was only three meters off the ground# If they had flipped anywhere else, every bone in their body would've been cracked," Jiang Xiaowei gloated at their relatively-fortunate misfortune.

Huo Mian took a taxi home after leaving the restaurant, and with no surprise, Qin Chu arrived home five minutes later.

She quickly changed into her pajamas and walked down the stairs, pretending that she had just woken up.

"Honey, you're home?"


"Did you eat yet?"


"What do you want to eat? I will go and make it for you."

Qin Chu looked up, glanced over at Huo Mian, and quietly asked, "Did you do something behind my back again?"